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Starting Fresh: Reflections from a Senior

First Year

I still remember stepping into Longden as a first-year, ready to change my life and become a real college student and an official adult. I had specific goals and ideas about who I wanted to be. And if I’m being honest, it didn’t work. I didn’t completely reinvent myself.


I did, however, make some small changes that really helped me along these last 3 years. In my first year at DePauw, I learned how to use Google Calendar (a lifesaver, honestly), made my bed every day, and (almost) never did homework in bed. 

Sophomore Year

Sophomore year, I became meticulously neat and organized, got all my homework done, and slept 8-9 hours a night. 

Junior Year 

In my junior year, I finally figured out what hair and skin products work the best, how to cook meals, and how to navigate around a city that I’ve never been in before (big thanks to the neuroscience lab and research opportunities for that one). 

Senior Year

So, as I begin my senior year, I’m starting to look for those habits and small things where I can make changes. I did the first two weeks of classes from home, but I just moved into a real apartment with two of my friends, and I’m ready to see how this change will affect how I live. So far, I’ve been trying to drink tea as my source of caffeine instead of unhealthier options, and I set a goal to stretch when I wake up and when I go to bed. Hopefully, some of my motivation to get 8 hours a night will stick around as well I know that it makes my days a lot better! I have so many goals and I know that not all of them are realistic, but being in a new place really helps me to implement some new things.

Being away from DePauw has me realizing what I loved about campus— the string lights in Julian, the fountains in Stewart Plaza, and seeing all of my friends at practice every day. I miss the nature park, Scoops, and sunsets over East College. But the great thing about being somewhere new is that you get to make new memories, new experiences, and create a better way of life. I know that many remote students are at home, and that makes this kind of change more difficult, especially with parents, siblings, or work taking up more time. But for those with the opportunity and ability to make changes, we should do our best to seek positive growth during this time.

Hi, I'm Ashley! I'm currently a senior at DePauw, where I'm majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Psychology and Computer Science. I'm from Dayton, Ohio, and I love swimming, Marvel movies, and exploring the outdoors!
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