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With the warmer months approaching, more and more styles of tops can be worn. Many different necklines are trending for this spring including off the shoulder, cold shoulder, and one shoulder. These styles allow people to express their style in unique ways. For this spring, these shoulde-focused necklines are very popular and provide variety to one’s collection.

Off-the-shoulder tops have been around for a while but are still quite popular for this season. This look provides a subtle, sexy look for the spring season. Even though it is fully off the shoulder, it is still not too revealing and perfect for the warm weather.

The cold shoulder top is a variation of the off-the-shoulder look. This provides more coverage than the off-the-shoulder top and is a great way to ease into the warmer months. The shoulder cut outs create a chic look for long sleeve tops. This style is a great place to start if you aren’t the most comfortable showing lots of skin, but still want to have a sexy look for the spring.

The one shoulder top is a booming trend for this season. This ’80s-inspired look definitely makes a statement. This style is a unique trend that expresses individuality for one’s personal style. A spin off of the other more classic styles, the one shoulder top is a versatile piece for the season. It can be dressed up for special occasions or become a casual daytime piece.

With these different shoulder-focused styles anyone is sure to have a chic wardrobe for this season. They all provide the subtle, sexy look while still not revealing too much. So go check out trendy tops and add them to your wardrobe!

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