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As the semester wears on, and life seems impossibly busy, your once beautiful room can become a place of havoc. The process of living takes its toll and creates an overwhelming atmosphere in an already overwhelming life. Taking some time to spring clean your dorm room will save you some peace of mind and sanity while also maintaining a healthy living area for you and your roommate. Listed below are a few key things to check off your spring cleaning list this semester.

Empty Your Fridge

Check the expiration dates on all your food products and toss whatever has gone bad. Consider donating any unopened items to the food bank in Greencastle or leaving them outside for your hungry hall mates. While you’re at it, wipe down the inside of your fridge and microwave so they look good as new.

Clean Out Your Closet

It’s been almost a full year, and we’ve experienced practically every season, so if you see something you haven’t worn or something you don’t want anymore, bag it up and take it down to Goodwill or donate it. Not only will you feel like you did a good deed, you will have room for more new clothes. It’s a win-win situation.


Take some Clorox wipes and go to town on every surface you can see. Clean all the various ledges on your furniture and walls. Get those black marks off that you didn’t notice before. Wipe that dust off of your picture frames. A clean room is a happy room.


I’m not talking about vacuuming here and there like you have all year. Move your furniture, and really try to get every inch of carpet cleaned up. You might also have a fun time as you discover all the things you didn’t realize were hiding behind your dresser.

Try Redecorating

By moving around a couple pictures (or furniture if you’re feeling adventurous) you can create a new look that you didn’t have before. A fresh perspective on the layout of your room can make your day seem just that much more exciting and different, and maybe make the rest of spring semester tolerable for a little bit longer.
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