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Spring Cleaning To-Do’s

Everyone looks forward to spring break for the free time away from classes and homework. Here are a list of things you can do to fulfill some spring cleaning obligations to help keep the rest of the semester a little more stress free.

Clean out your closet – The biggest and most dreaded, but rewarding task, is to clean out your closet of all winter-type clothing. We all know the storage space for clothing on campus is minimal, so decrease the stress of getting dressed in the morning by decluttering your supply of clothing.

Throw out oil nail polishes/makeup/etc – Sometimes a makeup bag can become a very scary place if you haven’t gone through and purged in a while. Spring is a time to be fresh, so make sure all your cosmetics are fresh as well.

Sort through your shoes – There are very minimal amount of times that you’ll need your snow boots when its not snowing. Take advantage of this space by boxing up your shoes that would be a little too warm for spring and summer.


Rearrange your getting ready space – Start the season off fresh with a rearranged makeup desk or vanity. A new space could switch up your routine and maybe lead to some improvements.

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