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Sarah Fears, ’17

Sarah Fears is a senior here at DePauw who was heavily involved in the planning and execution of DePauw Dialogue.

Her Campus: Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for meeting with us. Could you start off by telling us what you’re involved in on campus?

Sarah Fears: Hi Kaitlyn, so I’m the Vice President of Community Relations for DePauw Student Government, along with about five other leadership positions on campus, but more importantly I have worked on the core committee for the DePauw Dialogue for the past three years. I would consider it a passion project.

HC: Wow, you must have been busy! What was your specific role for the DePauw Dialogue?

SF: For the past two years, I have lead the Pre- and Post-DePauw Dialogue Committee. This is where we ask the campus community to collaborate on a calendar to stimulate dialogue before the day and, more importantly, keep the conversation going after the day.

HC: So, after all that work, how did you think the day went as a whole?

SF: I think as a whole, the day went well, but like any conference-style event, there will be hiccups and there will always be room for improvement. 

HC: That is very true. Are there any plans in place for the next DePauw Dialogue?

SF: I would like to invite more people to table so more voices are heard, and that’s how we make change for the next year. We pushed for DePauw Dialogue, and we’re going to have it for at least four more years, so that’s four years of continuous work, and good work, but it can only happen if people are active participants. If anyone wants to be involved with the planning for next year, it’s going to start next semester, I encourage people to contact me to get them to table. This is a day that is meant to reach all of campus, and we have the opportunity to do something amazing.

HC: We would love to help! Thank you so much for sharing with us. If anyone would like to contact Sarah, her email address is sarahfears_2017@depauw.edu

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