Saint Patrick’s Day Fun

Saint Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and I know if you are under 21 you may be a little less excited than the rest. Hey perk up! There is more to be excited about this wonderful day other than wearing green. How about you get together with your closest friends and make some awesome desserts in spirit of the special day. Don’t know what to make? Don’t fret! I have some ideas for you!

1. Green Sugar Cookies

This is a simple choice. All you need is to go to the closest Walmart and buy some sugar cookie dough (or cookie dough mix if you're feeling extra rambunctious) and some green frosting! Va-la! You have yourself some delicious cookies in spirit of the day. You can even shape them however you like, sounds like a good idea to me.

2. Saint Patty’s Day Parfait

If you have some cute little cups, this is a fun idea for you. All you need is some yogurt (or whipped cream if that’s what you fancy) and some granola with food coloring or cake mix for the whipped cream. It looks and tastes delicious!

3. Grasshopper Cupcakes

For this option you will need some cupcake mix, food coloring and frosting. You could even throw some mint flavoring in there because why not! This option looks exciting; I may try this one myself.

4. Mini Whoopee Pies

With some food coloring, brownie mix and whipped cream you can make yourself some whoopee pies! I love whoopee pies especially when they are mini because that means you can eat as many as you want, am I right? I highly recommend this choice.

5. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Again, Walmart is your friend. You will need some chocolate chip cookie mix or cookie dough and some good ole mint flavoring, frosting and mint candies. You can decorate your cookie however you like, heck turn the whole thing green ya crazy animal! I think this is a good idea.

Spice up your holiday with these fun desserts! I wish you all a happy and eventful Saint Patrick’s Day!