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With Halloween now at a close, it’s time for our winter fantasies to prevail! Some makeup brands have already announced a winter collection–– so let’s rank them from YAY to NAY! 

I always LOVE seeing incredible packaging and new color stories that stray from the frosty monochromatic palettes with a pop of berry for winter. With that, I DO still love seeing some necessary shades–– a black shadow to deepen, and one (if not more) shades to highlight. We also love to see color stories that are flattering on various skin tones. So, with that, let’s get to ranking!


Despite your personal feelings towards the Morphe brand, you have to admit this palette is GORGEOUS. I’m an absolute sucker for pink shades–– any undertone, shade, I’ll take it. This color story is a lot softer and more delicate than their other palettes. With that, though, I can see these beautiful pink and purple shades translating well between skin tones. The rest of the collection is nothing too exciting for me personally.  But the palette – in short – I’m obsessed. Absolute YAY!


Now MAC is known for their lipstick line–– and WOW did they deliver. The colors themselves are nothing revolutionary, but that packaging is just so so beautiful. The packaging on the eyeshadow palette is also gorgeous–– I love the silver sparkle that adds a chic and festive touch to the usual MAC packaging. As far as the shadows themselves–– I enjoy that they added basic, necessary dark and neutral shadows. The colors themselves are not revolutionary, BUT, the glitter/sparkle looks intense and beautiful and I need it on my eyes now!

Makeup By Mario

Mario, for context, is Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, and usually makes makeup that caters to makeup artists. With that in mind, I LOVE the lip palette. My mouth is watering at all of the different lip looks you could create! I love the idea of the mini palettes, but the colors are just nothing riveting for me personally. The blue shadows are reminiscent of his other palettes, for example the Kim Kardashian palette. 


There are a few things included in the holiday collection, but the palette stuck out to me the most, mainly because of the packaging. This palette is gorgeous, but is so low on my rankings because I personally do not feel inspired by this selection of shadows. The pinks are beautiful, but nothing I couldn’t get before this drop. Lancome also features a pop of blue, but it does not pop as much as it used to because we’ve seen this before.


Dior’s winter collection’s saving grace are the stamps on the shadows and blushes. The snowflake adds a festive little hint to the typical Dior embellishment. But typical is all this collection is. In the mini palette we have shimmery bronzey-shades. The blush is pink, and offers one shade at that. I personally do not feel inspired or excited about potentially putting any of these products on my face, and the pricing certainly does not help that. 

Tarte & Too Faced

This is one of the only cases where packaging cannot save the product for me. I truly have few nice things to say about these collections–– the colors are nothing new we’ve seen both in general and from the brands themselves. I will give Tarte and Too Faced credit for jumping on the pink shadow trend but even then there are other companies with better formulas and cheaper prices. For me, holiday collections are the time to experiment and try something new in the makeup industry. These collections are bringing none of that, and are not making me feel festive or anything really. 

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