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Please, Read These Five Mysteries Novels

I have recently rediscovered my love for reading, and even when I was still on campus and attending classes regularly, I made it a point to make time a couple times a week to spend a few hours reading whatever I wanted for funzies. Now, being at home, I have EVEN MORE TIME to read and be the true future-librarian I am and spend days on end reading and nothing else. Below, I’ve listed my favorite mystery novels by the queen herself, Agatha Christie, who wrote during the early-to-mid 1900s. All the books below center on a curious little Belgian detective with an egg-shaped head and a brilliant mind. Although outdated, I’ve loved Christie and Hercule Poirot forever, and these books are sure to keep your attention.

The Big Four

Although one of her least popular novels, The Big Four is definitely my favorite. A mysterious and international group of masterminds are plotting to overthrow the governments of the world and take over, and only Hercule Poirot is quick enough to stop them.

Cat Among The Pigeons

This novel takes place at a prestigious, all-girls boarding school, where tragedy strikes multiple times as staff members die at the hands of a killer.

The ABC Murders

When an old woman whose last name begins with ‘A’ is killed in Andover, no one bats an eye except Hercule Poirot, who got a letter saying it would happen. When a young lady is murdered in Bexhill with the name of Betty, everyone is captivated by the ABC murderer. How far will he get before he’s caught?

Death on the Nile

A wealthy heiress is murdered while on her honeymoon with her new husband, and the prime suspect, the husband’s jilted lover, has an airtight alibi. Now everyone else on the ship is a suspect, and Hercule Poirot must get to the bottom of it.

Hickory Dickory Death

After a series of senseless thefts at a youth hostel, all the residents are on edge. After the strange death of an odd young woman living there, distress fills the atmosphere. Was it suicide, or was it murder? When the killer strikes again and again, only one man can solve the case.

Despite the melodramatic snippets I just gave for each of these novels, they are anything but trashy. Well-executed and immensely interesting, any Agatha Christie novel is sure to delight every true mystery lover.

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