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Pithy & Profound: The Freshman Ten

Freshman Ten
(It’s not just about the weight gain)

1. “If you’re having roommate problems I feel bad for you hun, you got 99 problems and a biotch is one.” All we can suggest to those of you who are struggling with your roommate, is that it’s key to have those “go-to” friends that allow you to escape from your dorm room from time to time.

2. If you see a dirty dollar bill lying around campus…beware. Chances are it’s a poppy dollar. Happens to the best of us.

3. Have a good fake ID? That’s awesome!! Go ahead and throw it out. Sorry, but you’re not getting into any bar at DePauw until you’re 21. Two words: birthday book.

4. Check out The Den in the basement of Longden, it’s the only college cafeteria serves your meal to you. Divas? Go That!

5. WARNING: you many think there are not enough hours in the day to complete the mass amount of homework that professors assign to you. Our advice to you is to figure out how to manage your time. You’ll be surprised to find out that you actually have an hour to squeeze in your fave episode of PLL.

6. $1,600 on your tiger card may seem like a lot now, but don’t be too quick to offer a free meal to the upperclassmen. Come May, you may be eating ramen on ramen on ramen.

7. When you get a free second, make sure you venture into the nature park. There are a bajillion trails that will completely confuse you, but it really is as cool as people say it is. Plus- if you’re into guys who wear short shorts, the cross-country guys act like they own the place.

8. Two crucial numbers that you’ll need to know in order to survive your freshmen year:

? Safe Ride: (765) 658-5961
? Marvins: (765) 653-9200

Also, it is important to focus when calling Safe Ride, the amount of times we’ve meant to call Safe Ride and instead called Public Safety is unbelievable. Learn from our mistakes.

9. If you need a completely quiet place to study, the third floor of Roy O. will be your sanctuary. With that being said, if you are a heavy breather, loud typer or have a sniffle you will be exiled by third floor loyalists.

10. You may be homesick right now, but it won’t last long. Talk to any upper classman and they will tell you how obsessed they are with DePauw, and you soon will be too.


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