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Pithy & Profound: 9 ways to get the most out of sorority life


1. Get a position

Joining a sorority represents a whole other avenue in which to get involved on campus. There are positions to fit whatever amount of time you have to offer.  Taking on a role in your sorority is not only a great way to meet people, but it’s also a great addition to a résumé.

2. Volunteer

There are so many ways to volunteer in the Greencastle community and being involved in a house often means a service requirement.  Rather than thinking of it as a requirement, get excited to give back to the Greencastle and DePauw communities.  Most houses have monthly, if not weekly, notices of service opportunities!

3. Help out other chapters

Every Greek house has philanthropy events that they host throughout the semester.  Each event is for a great cause and usually tons of fun.  Philanthropy events are a great time for the entire Greek community to come together and not only help each other out, but also give back to those in need. 

4. Run for Panhellenic Council

Running for Panhellenic Council can help you unite all of the Greek houses, and it is a great leadership opportunity that will look great on your résumé. A Panhellenic position can allow your voice to be heard about changes you think are necessary in the Greek community.

5. Participate, Participate, Participate

IM teams, dances, philanthropy events--the list goes on! There are loads of fun things that you can sign up to do once you’re in wearing some Greek letters.  Greek God & Goddess is personally one of our faves! Even if you can’t dance or have never played a sport, no one really takes it that seriously so just dive in!


6. Random Rooming

Room with someone who you do not know very well or who is not in your friend group. This will expand your friend base and introduce you to girls you may not have ever gotten to know.  Half of the fun in joining a sorority is making new friends that you will have for the rest of your life!

7. Get to know the house staff

We feel like this is such an important part about living in a Greek living unit. Getting to know the housing staff will make you so much more comfortable lounging around the house.

8. Network!

Join LinkedIn groups for your sorority- This could be extremely helpful when looking for a job. Some of your sorority sisters could be involved in jobs that interest you. You can look to them as a mentor or someone to introduce you to other people in the industry.

9. Lounging around

Yeah, it sounds ridiculous but lounging around your new sorority house is such an easy and relaxed way to get to know all the girls! We cannot even begin to tell you all the people we have gotten to know just lying in the informal of our house. 

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