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Pinspired: 10 DIY activities you’ve got to try before Halloween!

1. Halloween Puppy Chow: Think you have to wait for Christmas toindulge in this peanut butter deliciousness? Think again! Puppy chow is making a spooky debut. Make half the batch with powdered sugar andwhite chocolate and then finish off the other half with cocoa powder and milk chocolate chips! Add some Reese’s Pieces and all yourroommates will be thanking you for days.


2. Pumpkin Oreos: So, we know that Nabisco makes orange crème-filledOreos, but they’ve never tried dipping them in orange chocolate!
Wilton makes beige colored candy that when melted with a little yellow food coloring turns them orange. Stick a pretzel stick in one end as astem and add some green icing for the leaves and voila, pumpkin Oreos!


3. How to make a TuTu: So this one might seem a bit extreme until....you consider using it as part of your Halloween costume! We have seen
a lot of cute costume ideas that incorporate the tutu, for instance,Wonder Woman or Black Swan. This link provides probably the most
foolproof way to make a tutu! So, grab your tool and get going!


4. Halloween Cocktails: Halloween may fall on a Wednesday, but a littlemid-week celebration won’t hurt anyone. Halloween is the perfect holiday to steer away from the Natty Light and Hamms, and try out some
“spooktacular” drink options.


5. DIY Makeup: Who wouldn’t want to be Honey Boo Boo Child forHalloween? You may not want to admit it, but we know you think she’s
hilarious too. This link below will show you how to do your makeup ina way that will spark your inner Honey Boo Boo!


6. Costumes on a Budget: We’re college students... we’re ALWAYS on abudget. Halloween may be the perfect time to dress up, but it can also be expensive. This website lays out all the items needed tocreate 10 potential costumes. The best part is, chances are, you havethese items in your small college closest anyway!


7. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds: One of our personal favorite healthy snackduring the Halloween season. When you are in the process of digging the middle of your pumpkins to carve your Halloween inspired SCARY faces, make sure to save the seeds. Clean all the seeds with water and get all of the orange gunk off of them. Put the seeds on acookie sheet that is covered in tinfoil and then proceed to sprinkle salt over the seeds. Then, throw ‘em in the oven. You will soon findyourself eating the easiest, most tastiest fall inspired snack there is.


8. DIY Pet Costume: We’re sorry but lets be real... who doesn’t like todress up their pet for Halloween? Nothing is better than seeing dogs dressed up on October 31st. Even though we will not be home for Halloween, help your family out and make your dog an easy costume in your dorm room to send home. Make sure your family makes your pet wear the costume and have your family text you the pictures. We are HUGE pet peeps, so feel free to forward the pics our way.


9. DIY Haunted Dorm Room: Create a spooktacular haunted dorm room toscare your roommate when she gets back from class. Whether you pull a prank on her or decorate your room, there is nothing better thanwatching that 3 seconds where your friend is scared to ring in the Halloween season.


10. Your last resort: So if it’s 5:00 PM the Friday before Halloweenand you just realized you still don’t have a Halloween costume... the last thing we will suggest for is to grab the sheet off your bed, cuttwo holes in it and be a ghost. Seriously, it does not get ANY easier than that. Your mom might be a bit upset with you, but just go toWal-mart Sunday and buy another sheet for $5.00. Plus, this idea is kind of perfect because you don’t have to worry about how your hair ormakeup looks if you keep the sheet on all night!

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