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Meet Perrin Duncan, ’17. Her Campus sat down with Perrin Duncan this week to talk about her time here at DePauw and how she feels about it being her senior year. Perrin is an Economics and Studio Art double major; she also has a Spanish minor. You can see her around campus participating in activities with her sorority, Alpha Phi, giving tours to potential students, being a presidential ambassador, cycling with the DePauw Cycling Team, coordinating activities for the mentors as the first year mentor program specialist, advertising for DePauw Dialogue and DJ-ing from 12-1 on Sundays when you tune in to WGRE 91.5. When Perrin was younger, she wanted to go to the same college as her older brother, but plans changed, and she decided that she wanted to go to DePauw University where both her parents had graduated from. Perrin was joined by her sister, Emma, last year. During Perrin’s freshman year, she came in thinking she would be a Communications and Spanish double major. However, her first semester at DePauw she took Economics, Studio Art, Spanish and her first year seminar. She fell in love with Economics and Studio Art and decided to major in them. She still had a passion for Spanish, so she picked up a minor. She said she has not had any bad classes, and some of her favorites were a Computer Science introductory class and a class called Death and the Social Body. Since it is her senior year, we asked her some classic questions about her college experience.

  1. How did she think she had changed from freshman to senior year?

Perrin told us that coming in her freshman year she was very oblivious to problems that were happening in the world and right here on campus. She wanted to push for change starting with DePauw’s campus, so she got involved in DePauw Dialogue. She also feels like she has gotten more mature, she’s a little bit more serious and her time management skills have improved.

  1. What was the hardest thing Perrin had to do in college?

Perrin admitted she had it pretty easy while at DePauw but also mentioned stepping out of her comfort zone was hard at first, but the more she expanded her horizons, the easier it was, and it encouraged her to do it more often. One challenge she said she did have was last year during recruitment. She was the recruitment chair, and, although she was very happy with the pledge class she was able to recruit, she said that it was a challenging process and she wished recruitment had been different for all the girls involved.

  1. What was the best thing Perrin experienced at DePauw?

Perrin absolutely loved being involved in the first year mentor program. She sees the positive impact mentors have on the incoming students, and it makes her happy to get these students excited about being at DePauw. She also got to study abroad every winter term, and once in the summer she went to Spain where she experienced one of her proudest moments. She was talking to someone who lived in Spain, and he asked her where she was from in Spain, which meant her Spanish was good enough for someone to think that she actually lived there.

  1. Where does Perrin see herself in a year?

Perrin is not exactly sure where she will be, but she does know she wants to be happy, healthy, challenged and working with people. Whether this is a job or a fellowship or some other opportunity she is ready for what is coming.

  1. Where does Perrin see herself in five years?

She said that she would to love to work at a college as a professor. However, she is not sure which subject she would like to teach. She is interested in so many different subjects that it is hard to choose.

  1. We asked Perrin for some advice for all students at DePauw.

She said the best advice she can give is to try everything at least once, be open-minded, think before you act, talk to your professors, don’t be too serious and do not put too much pressure on yourself.

  1. We also asked Perrin if she had any advice for seniors.

She did not think she was qualified to be giving advice to seniors, but she did say, “We’re all in this together!” She said if you’re having a tough time figuring out what is next, talk to close friends, professors, staff and administrators. They have been here for your four years and can help give some insight as to what you should do next or at least give you options.

  1. Does Perrin have any special plans for Fall Break?

Perrin is extremely excited to go home for four days. This is the longest she will be at her house since Christmas break last year. After spending some time with her family, Perrin is going to Arizona to meet up with her friend, Megan Mullin. In Arizona they plan on hiking through the Grand Canyon.

To end the talk with Perrin, we asked, “Are you sad or excited to be leaving DePauw?” She said she is ready to leave. This was the best four years of her life, but she is prepared and excited for a social change and to be able to branch out even more.

I hate writing, but I love Her Campus DePauw!
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