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The Pawfect Outfits for You and Your Dog

Do you love fashion? Do you love dogs? Well, keep reading…

Let’s be honest, dogs are probably the best-treated family members there are. A dog can be your best friend, always be there to comfort you, and NEVER asks you whether you have a boyfriend or not!

So, you love fashion, and you dress yourself as on-point as you can each morning…so why not consider prepping your pooch with the same treatment? Now you and your dog can be trendsetters together with these matching outfits. If people thought you were “extra” before, just wait until you and your dog step out looking fabulously coordinated.

Outfit #1: Overalls

A classic yet fashionable outfit. Taking a country girl look into the city limits, and now you can take your dog there, too!

Outfit #2: Dress

Imagine a perfect spring day where you throw on your favorite polka dot dress. Now, your dog can share the flirty vibe with her spring dress, too. A walk in the park that will, for sure, turn heads.

Outfit #3: Leopard Coat

Want to make a cold day warm and fuzzy with your furry friend?  Lose the everyday puffy black jacket and find out how hot things will get in this furry leopard print coat. You and your pup will be the talk of the town when you match it up with these adorable finds.

Outfit #4: Pajamas

Matching outfits aren’t just for going out of the house: you can match for bedtime too! Yeah, there are the classic plaid PJs available for pups, but the best new PJs involve some fun footie pajamas like these bright rubber ducky-themed sets. FYI, if your significant other is embarrassed, he doesn’t deserve you or your dog.

Outfit #5: Casual

This is what a lazy day looks like for us stylish girls. Could we be going to the gym? Watching Netlfix? Catching the next flight to the beach? It’s up to your interpretation with this take on the everyday track suit. Keep them guessing what you and your bestie are up to when you’re caught running off the leash with this sporty ensemble.

Outfit #6: Hat

As if your dog wasn’t a fashion statement enough for you, there’s this combo. Your walks in the park will instantly feel like you and Fido are taking a leisurely stroll walking down the Avenue of Champs-Élysées in Paris.

Now I dare you to name a more iconic duo than you and your dog after walking around like this for a few days.

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