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Paul Pistol ‘14

Paul Pistol ‘14

By Becca Stanek

Sorry ladies, this campus cutie is off the market, but his adorable answers will definitely put a smile on your face. 


Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana

Major: Kinesiology Sports Medicine

Year: Sophomore

Greek Affiliation: Phi Kappa Psi

Campus Activities: Baseball, Racquetball Club, Kinesiology Club


What would your dream girl be like?

She’s probably around 5' 6.” She’ll have green eyes, blonde hair…preferably from Lafayette, Indiana. Her first and last name has to start with the same letter. And… she cannot wear UGGS. 

Current relationship status

I have a crush on this girl named Suzanne Spencer, but I don't know if she likes me. [Sarcasm intended]


What's your most embarrassing DePauw moment?

About a month ago, one of my friends said something about a Nalgene bottle and I had no idea what it was. Then everybody reacted as if I didn't know what scissors were called! Now I know all about Nalgenes and can't live without mine.

Best moment at DePauw

Going outside with a group of friends at midnight after last year’s ice storm and exploring campus.

What are you most looking forward to this school year?

When Bill Clinton comes to campus on November 18th!


Do you have any hidden talents?

I have a quarter trick I can do. If you see me, ask me to do it! I also know a lot about skunks.

Favorite music

Serbian Music, Darius Rucker, Mac Miller, Lil Boosie

What’s your typical Marvin’s order?

I’ve gotta go with the classic GCB and Mac Bites.

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