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Patricia Schuelke ’20

Patricia is a sophomore School of Music vocal student. Between classes, lessons, and concerts, she is also one of the show-runners for WGRE’s RadioSoap, a fun, sketch-based comedy group that’s on every Saturday 8-10PM. HerCampus was able to sit down with her today to learn more.

HerCampus: Hey Patricia, how are you?

Patricia Schuelke: I’m good, how are you?

HC: Not bad! So what are you up to?

PS: I’m just trying to find a picture of me at Plymouth Rock.

HC: Oh, that’s cool! Can I ask why?

PS: It's for inspiration for our radio show!

HC: Can you tell me a little about that?

PS: Well, from 8-10PM Saturday night we have a show called RadioSoap, which is a sketch-based comedy show where we write and perform sketches and soap operas. 

HC: So, how did this radio show become a thing?

PS: Well, as I understand, my friend pressured my other friend into doing a radio show together at 2AM; they were doing it together and then I became friends with them, then I was a guest, and then I was like “this is it, this is my life now”

HC: You made it to the major leagues.

PS: Exactly, this was the major leagues, haha, I was a star!

HC: And then you officially joined last semester?

PS: Exactly!

HC: So was it always sketch-based?

PS: Well, I think it always had the spirit within it, like it was always comedy but the whole sketch aspect came later?

HC: What was the first sketch you ever did?

PS: I think it was the Hunckle Bumblebottoms sketch.

HC: What was that about?

PS: I think it was about a man who was a reptile farmer and he wanted his daughters to continue on the farming legacy, but they didn’t want any part in it. Then he dies? Because his long lost lover Eucalyptus the sea turtle shows up. In the end, we hear a soliloquy from Hunckle who is in heaven I think, and we learn that his funeral cost over 7,000 dollars.

HC: Wow, that’s an interesting skit!

PS: Yeah, and Hunckle has been a reoccurring character and I think it's because the other show runners just love his voice and personality!

HC: So, what’s your favorite thing you all do on the radio?

PS: Probably “Podcast More Like Sodcast”, it’s a spoof off of NPR where we are all PhD holders and we give basically false histories on weird topics like the American Emo or Vegan Vampires. We say the word nuanced a lot.

HC: And who’s your favorite character you’ve portrayed on the show?

PS: Probably Jeremy, he’s just basically a very sad, quiet man but he also wants everyone to love him and that he’s deserving of everyone’s praise.

HC: That’s hilarious!

PS: It is! I think I’m also a fan of Dr. Crimson Depression who is part of “Podcast More Like Sodcast”; she’s an expert on the American Emo, but the person who voices her made her a happy southern woman. It’s great!

HC: That sounds like a great show!

PS: It really is!

HC: Anything you want to say?

PS: Yeah, shout-out to Renner who has been listening to us from Purdue since we had the 2AM-4AM time slot, she’s the true fan!


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