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Our very own HerCampus Celebrities: Katie Tangri and Leanne Schaub

Finally, meet the amazing ladies who brought you Her Campus DePauw–Leanne Schaub and Katie Tangri!  Leanne and Katie are two outgoing, fun, and fabulous ladies who have been very involved on campus during their DePauw career. Leanne and Katie became involved with Her Campus this past year and worked very hard to start the DePauw branch just seven months ago. However, with graduation quickly approaching they are passing on the reigns. While neither of them is sure what their future holds, they both display the three Bs that will be enough take them everywhere —they are brilliant, beautiful and brunettes. This dynamic duo is a great example of leadership, hard work and ambition. Check out what these ladies have to say about their favorite DePauw memories, and what advice they give on continuing to make your DePauw experience the best it can be! 

Her Campus: What inspired you to bring Her Campus to DePauw?


Leanne Schaub: We felt that it filled a need within the DePauw community by providing a forum where women could come together in order to share ideas that were of interest to them. It has also gave many students the opportunity to gain essential skills in writing and leadership.  


Katie Tangri: As we all know, DePauw is a largely Greek University. This leads to unnecessary competition and isolation among DePauw sorority women. We were inspired because we thought that Her Campus DePauw was the solution to these problems. Her Campus DePauw can provide a place where DePauw women are able to stay connected and communicate about things that are important to them. 


HC: What characteristics make you a great team?


LS and KT: Before starting Her Campus, we had taken several classes together and learned how each other worked through the numerous group projects we completed. We found that we were very similar in that we have high expectations of ourselves, love to be involved, are extremely organized and are passionate about organizations with which we are involved. We also have a close relationship outside of classes and Her Campus, which allows us to have honest conversations when things might need to be challenged in order for us to continually improve.



HC: What was your favorite part of your experience as Campus Coordinators?


LS: My favorite part about being a Campus Coordinator was working with students who wanted to be involved in order to see where they would fit in, and then watching them grow in their leadership or writing positions. It was always fun to share in members’ excitement when they would do things like see their story posted for the first time. Instances like that show us that Her Campus is really having a positive impact at DePauw.


KT: Seeing how Her Campus DePauw has grown! It is unbelievable that Leanne and I started this from the ground up only seven months ago, because it has come so far!


HC: What is the biggest challenge you have faced during your experience with Her Campus? 


LS: I would say the biggest challenge was attempting to publicize Her Campus without any budget. Publicity was extremely important since we needed to inform the community about our new endeavor in order to increase readership and involvement. As a result, we spent a lot of time tabling, which turned out to be a good thing because it got us out talking to people and hearing their ideas, and was also a lot more personal than a flyer. In addition, we learned to utilize social media to the fullest. 


KT: Giving up my position as Campus Correspondent! Leanne and I put a ridiculous amount of work and time into making Her Campus DePauw successful. But we know it is now in good hands!


HC: What are your post-graduation plans?


LS: I will be moving to Grand Rapids, Michigan with Keltie Lake. I  am hoping to have a job incorporating the fields of Education and/or Marketing.


KT: Looking for a job in Chicago in the Advertising or Event Planning industries!


HC: What has been your favorite DePauw memory thus far?


LS: Spending endless amounts of time practicing for Greek God and Goddess 2010 and then having our hard work payoff when we won. 


KT: Dancing on the steps of the GCPA this year at Little 5 to the mad beats of D.J. Pancake! 


HC: What advice do you have for freshman who have three more years ahead of them at DePauw?


LS: Be confident in yourself and GET INVOLVED! I have had so many beneficial experiences here that have helped me grow as a person and have also really enhanced my time at DePauw. 


KT: Enjoy every minute of DePauw because it flies by all too fast!

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