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Olivia Flores ’14

Olivia Flores ‘14 is always on the go. She is involved in nine groups on campus ranging from First Year Mentoring to Toast Masters. Flores has a genuine love for DePauw and every organization to which she belongs. Since prioritization is key, often times Flores finds herself actually scheduling time to hang out with friends. But, as she says, “a good conversation and a friend always come before homework”. Almost every minute of her day is scheduled, but that’s a lifestyle she loves to live.


Hometown: Naperville, Illinois

Current housing: Alpha Phi Sorority

Major/Minor: English Literature/Education Studies


List of Organizations/Titles:

First Year Mentor, Campus tour guide, Writing and Speaking Center tutor, University choir, Circle K executive, Alpha Phi Assistant Director of Membership, and Toast Masters.


Why are you so involved?

“Because I just want to do everything. I want to try everything. I like being busy and I enjoy everything I do. I am trying to cut down; I am not trying to over commit myself. There are still things I want to do- I want to write for The DePauw and I want to have a radio show. The first year that I went to the activities fair I signed up for everything“.


What do you love about DePauw the most?

“I love the people and the general atmosphere here. DePauw is very special in that everyone cares. Everyone cares about how other people are doing and about academics. When you come here it’s like nothing else. It is really unique in how unified with are with our morals“.


What is your favorite DePauw memory?

“I think I was walking from South Quad to North Quad on my way to class, with not one of my friends with me. I started saying “Hi” to everyone I passed and they each responded with “Hi” back to me. This remained constant the whole way down [the people pathway]. I just had an “Ah-ha” moment and thought, “DePauw is so great”. I felt so warm and welcomed by everyone I encountered, it was such a good feeling. I thought, “Wow, I’m really lucky to go to this school”.


What is the best class you’ve ever taken at DePauw?

“I’d have to say Astronomy: Stars and Galaxies. I love my English classes, but this was the first class that was way outside my area of expertise. I loved how different it was- it liberated me to explore a new topic, and I loved learning about it. As a liberal arts school, we have so many scheduling options available. I want to use that opportunity to learn about everything”.

If you could only be apart of one club here what would it be?

“Mentoring, because it’s the easiest way to influence people. It’s so much fun. I love meeting people- I love people”.

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