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Nothing Is Going to Keep Selena Down!

Earlier this week, Selena posted a picture on Instagram sharing the reason for her disappearance this past summer. Due to a condition she has been diagnosed with called lupus, she had to undergo a kidney transplant; however, in the picture, she still manages a smile! For anyone who is unfamiliar with lupus, it is an autoimmune disease where your immune system is hyperactive. I like to describe it by saying your body thinks that you are sick even when you aren’t, and as a result it constantly attacks your healthy organs. The symptoms of this disease are almost infinite, since the immune system affects the whole body; common symptoms include fatigue, fevers, and joint pain. This is a chronic illness, so it affects people their entire life. While in most cases treatment and medications can make the disease manageable, it unfortunately still affects the patient’s everyday life.

This story and Selena Gomez are especially near and dear to my heart because in 2015, I was also diagnosed with lupus. I know how hard the disease has made my life, but I also know how important it is to keep a positive attitude about it. Selena Gomez continues to promote lupus awareness in a positive light, and she proves to be a huge inspiration to people everywhere.

You go Selena! Hoping for a speedy recovery!


If you want to hear more about this amazing story, here is a video from CNN:



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