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Netflix Originals to Invest in Over Break

Spring break is right around the corner, and I do not know about you but I am ready to relax! DePauw keeps us on a pretty tight schedule, and it is hard to find time for yourself. Spring break is the time to catch up and watch some new shows instead of binging old ones! I have 5 Netflix originals that you all will not be sorry to watch!

1.     Atypical

This show is about an atypical teen who is finding out how to love. He is fascinated with having a girlfriend and is trying to figure himself out on the way. This show is quirky, comedic, and a pure drama. I give it a 10/10, please subscribe. 

2.     End of the F***ing World

This show is about teenage love. I will admit it is not the traditional love story, but it is very addictive. If you like shows that are out of the norm, I highly recommend this one. You will find yourself having all different types of emotions, but what more could you want?!

3.     Big Mouth

This is the most unusual but addicting show I have ever watched. I honestly do not know why I began watching it and it kind of makes me uncomfortable, but it is so funny and relatable I can’t even deal. Just watch the first episode, I am not even going to tell you what it is about. If you hate it, you can blame me!

4.     One Day at a Time

This show is about a Cuban-American family that is just trying to get by. It includes a courageous and passionate single mother, a brilliant and overly comedic grandmother, and a hard-core feminist daughter. What more could we want but a television show full of strong women?? Plus, this show just makes me happy overall; it is just real and honest, and I love it.

5.     Stranger Things

If you have never seen this show, SHAME ON YOU. This is one of the most beloved Netflix Originals on Netflix right now. It is all everyone can talk about. It is addicting, emotional, and everything you could want from Netflix. I love each character for their own individual quirks, and the adventures are never-ending. Watch! Now!

Please have the best, most relaxing spring break that anyone could ever have. This year has been a doozy for everyone, and we all deserve a moment to just lay down and laugh and cry at our computer screen, am I right? Of course ;)

Freshman at Depauw University.
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