Nathan Rice '16

Nathan Rice sure knows how to make a good first impression, especially when he shows up looking like one of Ralph Lauren’s Male Models out of Catalog.  He had on a crisp, white RL button up paired with sleek, navy blue corduroys. The thing that shocked me most was that he was not wearing Sperry’s, the preferred shoes of most of the men on DePauw’s campus. He was prepared for the snow, so he paired his classy outfit with his L.L. bean brown boots.

Her Campus: So Nate, for starters, can tell me a fun fact that not many people know about you?

Nathan:  I am a huge Ryan Sheckler fan, and I use to watch “Life of Ryan” because I like to skateboard.

HC:  What is your story?

Nathan: I am from Glencoe, Ill. I am a sophomore majoring in Economics. In my free time I like to play basketball, watch sports, and socialize at Julian with my best friend, Charlie. I like to eat at the Hub alone, it’s my  “me time” because I live in a house of 60 guys. I am a native of Phi Kappa Psi.

HC: You’re also a transfe--Why did you transfer and why did you pick DePauw?

Nathan: Because I am a Midwest guy at heart, TCU just was not a great fit for me like I knew DePauw would be.

HC: So you’re in Phi Kappa Psi, how do you like living in this year?

Nathan: I love it, its always fun and there’s something to do. There is never a dull moment. Sleeping sometimes gets annoying because of some of the guys being loud, but I love living in the house with my 60 brothers.

HC: So it is Monon Bell week! How have you been preparing for the big game? [interview prior to 11/16]

Nathan: I have been hydrating and staying healthy, working out every day doing push up and sit ups, oh, and also eating two raw egg for breakfast.  I am a firm believer in body weight exercising (which means with not weights.)

HC: So in the spirit of this week, let’s talk football trivia. When did this rivalry between DePauw and Wabash start?

Nathan: I have no idea

HC: 1890, do you know how many games we have faced off with Wabash since it began?

Nathan: well if it started in 1890….114 maybe?

HC: Very close, 119 games. The tradition of the Monon Bell game was even voted as Indiana’s best football rivalry from ESPN fans!

HC: So Nathan, do you have a campus cutie of your own?

Nathan: My girlfriend of three years, Megan.

HC: What made her first catch your eye three years ago?

Nathan: I met her through a friend that was dating one of her friends.

HC: Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, back to when you were QB in high school. What would you say to your teammates before a big game? What would you say to the DePauw football team?

Nathan:  I would say, from the sidelines, clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. To the DePauw football team, I would say “we block, we win, we go home” to get them pumped up.

HC- There you have it ladies, Nathan Rice is the definition of campus cutie. Get to know this intelligent, kind-hearted, PKP brother.