My Favorite Thrift Finds

Over the past several years I have been trying to make little changes so that I can live a more sustainable life. By far my favorite switch as been moving toward thrifting all my clothes. While I love hitting up my local thrift shop and browsing the racks since the pandemic hit I have been loving shopping through thrifting accounts on Instagram. Here are all of my favorite pieces, most of which I like better than anything I could ever buy new. 

  1. 1. Vintage Wrangler Jeans

    I had been on the search for these for so long. I knew I wanted to thrift a classic pair of mom jeans and I didn't want to pay too much for them. @katies_thrifts_ on Instagram posted that she was going to be having a huge denim drop soon so I turned on her post notifications and prayed that at least one pair would be in my size. I ended up getting these for $36!!! They fit me super well and were in great shape. These beauties are for sure my new favorite pair of jeans. 

  2. 2. Micheal Jordan T-Shirt 

    My brother is 10 years older than me, which means he grew up in Micheal Jordan's prime, which means that I grew up loving him too. After Netflix came out with the Micheal Jordan documentary: The Last Dance, I was really nostalgic and inamered with his stuff. When I came across this yellow Air Jordan shirt on @hidden.drip's page I knew I had to have it. Its super soft and I love it even more knowing that its thrifted. 

  3. 3. Grey Cat Sweatshirt

    This was one of those pieces that was just too good to pass up. I found it at my local Goodwill while shopping with a friend. As someone who loves cats and flowers, this sweatshirt was obviously meant to be mine. It fits super well and is in great condition. It was only five dollars, and I wear it all the time. 

  4. 4. Air Force 1s

    These have been trending for so long, but I have been hesitant to spend the money on them. I feel like since being home my style has evolved and I can finally see these shoes as being a part of my go-to look. On normal thrifting accounts, Air Force 1s don't show up often and when they do, they go very quickly. So I started looking for accounts that specifically sold shoes. @nycclothing_ always has incredible shoes and they come at a great price. I got these in my size for only $60! 

  5. 5. Turtleneck and Green Overal Dress

    This perfect fall outfit was completely thrifted. The green dress I've had for a couple of years. I actually found it at a yard sale near my university. When I bought it it was ankle length but I hemmed it so it would be a little shorter. The pink turtle neck was discovered at Goodwill. It had a lot of pilling on it but I used a little device I got off Amazon to remove most of it. Now it looks just like new. This whole outfit cost me less than $10 and it is better for the enviroment!