Must-Visits Here in Greencastle!

The small town of Greencastle is home to many places dedicated to your style and beauty. With the end of the semester fast approaching and finals coming up, it's important to take some time for a nice walk and explore the places that can make you look and feel amazing! It's nearly summertime, after all! Here are five places close to DePauw's campus that are definitely worth a walk over!  

Cute Seasonal Clothing

Crickets Unique Boutique  

Located right next to Scoops and Starbucks, you could get yourself the ice cream and coffee you deserve while going on a shopping spree! They have seasonal clothing, so if you're looking for a cute summer dress or floral shirt, it's definitely worth a look. This shop also has cute accessories and a whole row of clearance items! As soon as you walk in, you're greeted by a friendly face and a welcoming aroma as well as a wide range of clothing styles!

Conspire: Contemporary Craft   

Once you're done with your Starbucks, cross the street and you will find this gem at the corner! A locally owned store, Conspire sells a range of everything. They have artwork, clothing, souvenirs, jewelry and naturally-made products for your body. You could easily spend more than thirty minutes in here as the collection seems endless! There are so many cute little things as soon as you walk in; you won't want to miss anything!


Hair Styling  

Studio Suite

Attached to a cute bed and breakfast, the Studio Suite is a small business dedicated to making your hair healthy and happy! They offer a good range of services and are very accommodating, especially with a student’s schedule. You pay for a professional service, and it's totally affordable and great quality. Treat yourself to a haircut for the warm weather or even a nice deep conditioning!



Ivy Nails  

You've probably passed this salon while going to Kroger. Ivy Nails offers affordable prices for all the services they provide, which include pedicures, manicures, acrylics, etc. The people here are always friendly and know what you need based on your nail care. Pro tip: make sure you go in there knowing what you want, but also be mindful of what they think you may need. Treat yourself to a mani and pedi and take on your day with a pop of color!



Extreme Tanning  

If you've never been here before, you're in luck! Your first spray tan is free if you come in on Sunday through Wednesday. If you're looking for a bronzed look going into summer but don’t want to damage your skin cells with heavy UV rays, a spray tan is perfect for you! The people here are so friendly and will help you out step by step. It's also a really quick and easy process. They make you feel like you're glowing after you leave! Extreme Tanning is located right by Buffalo Wild Wings on your way to Kroger!