Must-Follow Instagram Accounts for the Cutest Content

      As the weather gets colder, times get tougher, finals come creeping up, and we often look to the internet to satisfy our cute cravings and destroy the winter blues. Although it isn't quite winter yet, following these cute Instagram accounts will help you prepare for a harsh winter! Whether you’re into puppies, sweets, or cute clothing, this article can help you find just the account to follow for the winter!



If you’re looking for a cute account with a side of sweet and sassy, look no further than the Good Advice Cupcake! This cupcake does not hold back. She’s not afraid to speak her mind and be her crazy adorable self. This account includes both goofy and insightful content, making it a positive influence and great addition to your feed. follows the lives and adventures of dogs Watson and Kiko. These dogs are the best of friends and make other friends such as a hedgehog and cat! Who doesn’t love a good cross-species friendship?


@thehearnesThis account not only has beautiful landscapes, but GORGEOUS wedding photos! This account will melt your heart and amaze you all in one. After perusing this account, you’ll want to start planning your destination wedding with your current or currently non-existent significant other.


@shethespy​Cute, light, warm, and cozy are everything that @shethespy is about! This account is run by a graphic designer/content creator and is all about ~aesthetic~. From outfits to books and adventures, this account is actual goals (especially because she often features Harry Potter references).



Ludwik is a bit of an unconventional type of cute and may weird some out, but if you’re weird like me, you’ll grow to love this little guy. Like most of us, Ludwik loves to nap, eat, cuddle, and wear cute clothes!

Although these are only a few of the hundreds of cute Instagram accounts, I hope you found something that you can fall in love with and use to get you through the winter blues!