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Music Man Presents: DPU Spring Break Mix 2011

Over the past week, or maybe even since you arrived back on campus in February, you’ve had one thing on your mind: SPRING BREAK. It’s that time of year again when students are guaranteed a weeklong escape from school for some much needed relaxation. If you’re like some students you may have even spent time putting together an elaborate spring break play list instead of studying for midterms. Whether you already have your playlist and are looking for a couple of other songs or you haven’t even started here are 10 songs certain to get you in the mood for spring break!

 1. “Yeah 3X” Chris Brown, C-Breezy is back and hitting the dance floor with his comeback track. Put your hands in the air because it’s spring break!

2. “In the Dark” Dev, Dev doesn’t disappoint in her latest single, even adds a spicier touch to her hard hitting dance sound.

3. “Posner Cheated” Audiodax, It’s not Christmas, but it’s spring break. Audiodax is great for any time of the year.

4. “Hey Baby (Drop It to the Floor)” Pitbull Ft. T-Pain, This hip-hop duo makes an unstoppable pair.

5. “On the Floor” Jennifer Lopez, J.Lo calls for the new generation of party people to dance the night away.

6. “S&M” Rihanna, Rihanna reveals her more rebellious side, perfect for a hit dance track.

7. “Higher” Travie McCoy/Kylie Minogue/Taio Cruz, the synthesized beats take dance music to a higher level.

8. “Please Don’t Go” Mike Posner, Come on he’s going to be on campus in April. Spring break is the perfect time to start brushing up on his catchy tracks.

9. “E.T.” Katy Perry ft. Kanye West, Whoever you meet on spring break hopefully they are at least human.

10. “Blow” Ke$ha, What would be a playlist without pop’s newest princess Ke$ha? She pretty lives her life like it’s spring break everyday.

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