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Mother Knows Best…Mother Nature, That Is

Well, my lovely DePauwpers, we did it. We survived the winter months and have been graced with a glorious welcoming of beautiful sunshine. Yes, it’s true that spring is here! No more dreary days of sparse sunshine sprinkled with snowstorms and below freezing temperatures. No, no, spring is finally here, and we can be almost certain that it won’t snow tomorrow. But then again, Mother Nature can be such a tease… especially in Greencastle, Indiana.

With every climate change there comes a costume change. Trees are budding, flowers are blooming, and frats are rolling out the couches for some outside fun in the sun. All around campus, changes are being made in celebration of the new season. Not only do the newly sprouted tulips make DePauw look beautiful, but they are also an inspiration to brighten up the dull winter wardrobe! It’s time to shed the neutrals and blacks my friends—so don some striking colors and flirty prints and shimmy on over to the nearest porch-side couch. That ‘fratty’ scene may not be so fresh, but you and your springtime trends definitely are!   

Let the fashions of Mother Nature inspire your wardrobe this spring!

Layer cascading jewelry that resembles the delicate morning dew.

Stand out from the crowd. Pack up your neutrals, step into some color, and step out
looking bright and beautiful!

The trees have the right idea this spring. Accent an outfit with flirty floral prints.

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