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Molly Madden ’18

This week meet Molly Madden, a junior here at DePauw.

Her Campus: Hey Molly! How are you?

Molly Madden: I am doing absolutely excellent! How are you?

HC: I am doing great! Let’s get started. So I have noticed that you are super involved on campus. What all are you involved in?

MM: Well, I am the Vice President of Recruitment at Alpha Phi and co-captain of the Cheerleading squad. I’m an Admissions Ambassador, First Year Mentor and Environmental Fellow. I volunteer with the Big Brother Big Sister program, and I sit on the Nature Park Advisory Committee.

HC: That’s a lot! How do you manage all of that?

MM: I don’t sleep a lot, but I try to stay positive and remember why I love each organization that I’m involved in.

HC: Is there a specific trick, planner or app you use to keep everything straight?

MM: I write everything down in my planner! It’s my lifeline fur sure.

HC: Hopefully you don’t ever lose that! When you give tours, is there a specific place you always mention is your favorite or something special you tell prospective students about?

MM: I always highlight Marvin’s and the library. I don’t know what else you really need besides mac bites and Roy O. West.

HC: Of course! Mac bites are life! Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself?

MM: I have a quick, fun fact. I have a twin sister on campus! Her name is Courtney Graham.

HC: Thank you so much for meeting with us!



I hate writing, but I love Her Campus DePauw!
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