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Yes, a mini fridge for your beauty products is essential for overwhelming levels of cuteness and self-pampering. I recently got a Caynel mini fridge. I saw posts on Instagram that made me initially interested, but for aestic purposes, but after owning mine for a few weeks I am totally in love with this product. The Caynel Mini Fridge Cooler can be purchases on Amazon and has better reviews than other brands because it does not create as much noise as competitors, that way you can keep in in your room without it bothering you. A cool feature about this brand too is that it comes with a car charger adapter, so you can keep your beauty products or some soda’s cool anytime on the go. Caynel also gives you a bunch of trendy pink assortment of stickers. 

I keep anything in my mini fridge that is gel based masks, serums, oils and spa tools. Products that are typically categorized by being hydrating or rejuvenating most likely belong in the fridge. And yes, I could just put these products in my normal food fridge, but it is nice to have them all in once spot and I can keep them in my room (plus its adorable). Below are my new favorite products to keep in my mini fridge. 

Oils and Serums

I have a set of three serums from Valjean Labs (Firm, Hydrate and Glow). Depending on the condition of my skin I have been rotating using these, but I favor the hydrate serum as my skin is very dry. By keeping them in the fridge it is so refreshing to apply to my skin. I have eliminated lotions from my skin care routine and replaced it with these serums and am very happy with the results!

I also keep the Synergy Ampoule serum from Tonymoly. This serum has vitamin C in it which helps your skin repair. So, I mostly use this serum after a breakout when I’m needing my skin to heal. 

The only oil I keep in my mini fridge is the Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial oil by Botanicals. I absolutely love this oil. It has floral clean scent and after applying my skin always feels radiating. Since this oil is a little on the heavier side I only apply it at night after my skin care routine and never before applying makeup. 

Sheet Masks

I keep an assortment of two brands of sheet masks in my mini fridge, Celavi and Dermal. I love both of these brands and mostly use the sheet masks after taking a shower. The only notable difference in the masks for these two brands is the shape of the sheet mask. I think the Celavi sheet mask have a shape that fits my face better and covers more of the area around my nose. 

Gel Based Products

Begun to use eye masks, but not I’m obsessed. I have the Hebepe Green Tea Matcha Eye mask. If you haven’t used eye masks before they help with dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness. I like staying up late, so dark circles are every morning occurrence for me. After getting into the routine of using this product daily I saw an improvement in my sleepy bags. 

With the advancing dry season, a hydrating mask is a must! I have two currently, the Advanced Clinicals 2-in-1 Rosewater Hydra-Gel Transforming Face Mask and the Replenish Hydration Gel By ValJean Labs. I wouldn’t say I like one more the other because they work differently. The Rosewater mask gets washed off after treatments, so it leaves my skin extra soft and hydrated. However, the hydrating gel does not get washed off so it is stronger at locking in moisture and retaining hydration. 

I do not typically like peal off masks, but I really enjoy the Vivo 24k Purifying Peel-off Mask. I don’t usually apply it to my entire face, but rather just my T zone because I’m a wimp when it comes to pealing it off. If I have spike in black heads, I know I can always rely on this product. 

Hi, I'm Rose Overbey! I'm a senior at DePauw University, majoring in English writing. I'm a passionate non-fiction writer with interests in upcycling, crafts, fashion, and the environment.
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