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Meet the Exec: Co-Correspondents

A new school year means a new Her Campus executive team! This week, we’ll meet the lovely ladies of DePauw’s chapter of Her Campus, starting with our co-correspondents Bridget Donnelly and Kaitlyn Malley.

Her Campus: Hey there! So glad to see you two again. How does it feel to be back for your senior year?

Bridget Donnelly: Great! I’m definitely looking forward to it, but it feels pretty weird at the same time.

Kaitlyn Malley: Yeah, it feels so good to be here finally!

HC: Well, it’s nice to have you back. So, Bridget, do you want to tell us a bit about yourself?

BD: Sure! I’m from Chesterton, Indiana, and I’m a Peace and Conflict Studies major. I’m also really excited about my role as an International Ambassador on campus. I’m actually meeting my group for dinner later!

HC: Wow, so fun! It seems like you’d do a great job at welcoming new faces to our school. Kaitlyn, what about you?

KM: I’m a Neuroscience major from Scottsdale, Arizona. I was just abroad last semester in Australia, so it’s very bittersweet being here. I just got back, but I’m going to have to leave again in less than a year!

HC: But we all want you to stay! Just don’t graduate!! Ever!!!

KM: Trust me, I would stay if I could.

HC: So, do you two want to let us in on any big plans you have for Her Campus this year?

BD: We were thinking about possibly pairing with the Restorative Justice club on campus for some cookies and conversation. We really think that discussing big topics with new people would be a good experience for everyone. We’re also really excited to try and incorporate a lot more bonding activities into our biweekly meetings.

KM: With more cookies, for sure.

HC: Obviously.

BD: And follow us on Twitter! And Snapchat!! And Instagram!!!

HC: Wow, so spicy. Well, it was great getting to catch up with you two! We can’t wait to see what you’ll do this year!

Twitter: @hercampusdepauw

Snapchat: hcdepauw

Instagram: hercampusdepauw

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