Mary Church '17

Introducing our newest Campus Celebrity, Mary Church! Mary is a Sophomore Anthropology major from Rochester, New York. She is an active member of Delta Gamma Fraternity. Mary is currently Director of Anchor Splash and riding in Little 5 for DG! Mary is also involved at Gobin Church! Mary sat down with Her Campus to tell us about her DePauw experience.

Her Campus: Thanks so much for making time to meet with us, Mary! I know this is a very busy time for you with Anchor Splash and Little 5 coming up. What made you interested in riding in Little 5?

Mary Church: I’ve been an avid cyclist for a long time now. My Dad is also a cyclist so I’ve been riding with him since I was a kid! I started riding with him on the Erie Canal bike trail by my house. When I came to DePauw and heard about Little 5 I knew it was something I definitely wanted to get involved with. I’m very happy to be riding for Delta Gamma!

HC: That’s great! How have you been preparing for Little 5?

MC: We started training in at least February! The weather was a bit of an issue, but every nice day we’ve had we’ve been riding outside. The race is 18 miles so a lot of training is needed! It took awhile to get used to the road bike instead of a mountain bike. The road bike is harder to balance on so it has a different feel than a mountain bike.

HC: Wow! Sounds like you’ve put a lot of work into training! What advice would you give to people who are riding in Little 5 for the first time?

MC: Start early! The more comfortable you are on the bike the easier the race will be. Last year was my first time racing so I was less comfortable, but this year I’m able to take the turns at much faster speeds!

HC: That’s awesome! So what made you want to become Director of Anchor Splash?

MC: I really wanted a leadership position, but I’m going abroad next fall so I needed something that was just one semester. I’ve felt very blessed and honored to take this on for our chapter! I’m hoping it’ll go great!

HC: I’m sure Anchor Splash is going to be amazing! What are the activities for the week?

MC: Monday is most beautiful eyes. We will have tables set up where students can vote for who has the most beautiful eyes. Each penny will count as one point and any other coins or dollars will count as negative points towards the chapter they’re voting for. Tuesday is Dining at the Duck! Wednesday is Sheet Sign contest. Thursday is Hunt That Golden Anchor! There will be golden anchors hidden around campus so anyone who finds them is supposed to take a picture with the anchor so their chapter will gain points! Then Friday is Anchor Splash at 8pm in the pool! The whole week will be a lot of fun!

HC: That sounds amazing, Mary! I can tell you worked very hard on the event! What are you most looking forward to this week?

MC: I’m really looking forward to seeing it all come together! It’s been a little stressful planning everything, but also a very rewarding experience! I’m also looking forward to seeing the Greek community at DePauw come together for a great cause!


HC: That’s great! Thanks so much for spending time with us, Mary! Anchor Splash is April 10th at 8pm!