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The Martin Twins: Kristin and Katherine ’17

HerCampus: Hello Martin Twins! I’ve heard from many people on campus that you two are “double trouble”, in the best way, and are the most well rounded twins around! So how about we start off with you both telling us a little bit about yourselves?

Katherine Martin: Okay sounds good well I grew up in Fishers, Indiana and went to high school at Guerin. Guerin was a small school and DePauw just felt like a good size for what I was used to. I also really liked all the off-campus opportunities DePauw offers since I love to travel!

Kristin Martin: Same with me…I chose DePauw after being introduced to it by one of my very close friends who is a sophomore here and after taking a tour and visiting a couple times! I just fell in love with everything about DePauw. 

HC: All good reasons to come here! So what we really want to know, are you two single or taken?

Katherine: Taken!

Kristin: I’m the single twin in our duo. 

HC: What specifically do you look for in a guy?

Katherine: Someone who makes me laugh and that I can just be myself around, but also someone who helps me grow. I want being with them to make me strive to become a better person.

Kristin: My ideal guy would be someone who can make me laugh, someone who is trustworthy, and someone who isn’t afraid to put himself out there and have a good time. Also, I’m looking for someone who can tell Katherine and I apart, that’s a biggie.

HC: I could see how that could get annoying when people can’t tell you guys apart! What would be an ideal date for you?

Katherine: Something casual. I’m a planner – I plan everything for my friends and for clubs – so I really appreciate when a guy I’m dating goes out of his way to make the plan for me. I think it’s a really nice change of pace.

Kristin: I’m not sure if I have an ideal date but some of the best dates I’ve been on have been really simple and casual like dinner or coffee. 

HC: Spontaneous dates are definitely the way to go and having a guy plan a date is so nice sometimes too! So, what are you involved with on campus?

Katherine: I tend to overbook myself, but I’m currently a new member of Alpha Phi, reporter for D3TV’s The Source, WGRE DJ, Her Campus Blogger, and member of DePauw’s Volleyball Club.  

Kristin: I’m involved with the Information Technology Associates Program (ITAP), D3TV The Source, WGRE, HerCampus Photoblog, and Alpha Phi.

HC: That’s nice you can both be involved in some of the same things but also you’re your own interests! You’re both involved in so much too; you’re making me want to try harder next year! What’s your biggest turnoff?

Katherine: Seeing a great guy with so much potential to be successful, not try when it comes to school or life in general. For example, failing a class because you didn’t feel like going – big turn off for me.  

Kristin: My biggest turn offs would be bad teeth and constantly bringing up ex-girlfriends in conversations.

HC: Ah yes ex-girlfriends is not a topic to bring back when your just meeting someone new! What do you see yourself doing after DePauw?

Katherine: I really want to travel and have a good job that allows me to do so. I also hope my future self is surrounded by the people who I love.   

Kristin: Five years from now I hope to see myself not in Indiana. I’m not sure what I want to do or where I want to go but I don’t want to live in Indiana my entire life, I want to experience new places.

HC: I’m sure you both will go far in life and make it out of Indiana, don’t worry! What’s your favorite thing about DePauw?

Katherine: The small size. I feel like I’ve gotten to know more people this way because you see then a lot and become better friends with them.  

Kristin: My favorite thing about DePauw is the community and traditions that people who go to big schools don’t understand, like flower-ins, dorm storming and boulder runs. DePauw is such a small close-knit community and so unique that you can’t really explain how great it is to friends or family, you just have to be here to experience it for yourself.

HC: So true, we all chose to come to an awesome school! What’s your favorite food on campus or in Greencastle?

Katherine: I really only go to the Den so I guess buffalo chicken wraps my favorite Greencastle food.

Kristin: Dairy Castle by far.

HC: Dairy Castle is my absolute favorite place so I’d have to agree with you on that one Kristin! So what we are really curious about is what it’s like being a twin? Any interesting stories?

Katherine: Being a twin is great! You always have a built in best friend and someone who will support you conditionally and make sure you’re okay. In fact, I think we might freak people out sometimes though cause we’re always together and we’re so similar. It’s funny that we picked DePauw without planning on going to the same college–Kristin was actually fighting going to the same school as me cause she doesn’t like when people consider us the same–and we also picked Alpha Phi during recruitment without talking about it. 

Kristin: I love being a twin. Katherine is my best friend by birth and it is nice to have someone you can rely on for anything and everything. My favorite memory with Katherine is when we dressed up as each other on Halloween in pre-school. It was funny because people could still tell us apart since she was always more outgoing and she was giving it away because she wouldn’t stop talking, she even talked for me. Which she still does

HC: Last question, do either of you guys have any advice for future freshman coming to DePauw?

Katherine: Working hard pays off! Reading and taking notes will help you in the long run.

Kristin: The best advice I could give a freshman is use your freshman year as exploration. Try everything, sign up for every club you are remotely interested in, and take a wide variety of classes because you will learn so much about yourself and maybe even change your perspective on your future. Also, don’t be afraid to do something because of what others might think of you. College is when you can really find yourself and be who you want to be, not who others think you should be.

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