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Meet our newest Her Campus DePauw Campus Celebrity, Maggie Anderson from Edina, Minnesota, who is responsible for bringing Blend and their delicious smoothies onto DePauw’s campus. If starting her own business isn’t enough, she’s also a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, Captain of POMS Dance Team, and General Manager for College Mentors for Kids. Maggie’s past leadership positions include Director of Recruitment, Director of Service and Philanthropy, and Vice President of Programming for Panhellenic Executive Council. After graduation she plans on moving to Chicago this summer to start the next chapter of her life. Of all the activities and positions she has held at Depauw, she’s sure to take Chicago by storm! Good luck Maggie!

Her Campus: Thanks for taking time out of your day to answer a couple questions about being the student manager of Blend! How did you come up with the idea?

Maggie Anderson: Blend stemmed from the success of a class project last semester. A collaboration of efforts got the operation up and running, including DePauw administration, Bon Appetit Dining Services and a student component. 

HC: That’s awesome that you turned a class project into a reality! How did DePauw help you set everything up?

MA: A partnership between DePauw administration and Bon Appetit funded the capital. Bon Appetit definitely has the expertise when it comes to food and nutrition so they manage the operation. 

HC: Did you get to design the menu? Can students still get involved on the staff?

MA: I helped craft the menu and developed the recipes for each blend. I’ve had a strong focus on marketing this semester and facilitated the hiring/staffing process. Students can get involved by contacting [email protected]! The more people involved the better!

HC: Yum! Definitely a much needed addition to the dining options! Will it be running only this year or for a while? 

MA: We hope to make blend a full time operation in the future. Blend aspires to be transparent and collaborative in order to benefit our community in different ways.

HC: Well on behalf of Her Campus and everyone on campus we wish it the best too! Thanks so much for starting it!


Sophomore Psychology MajorMember of Alpha PhiWomen's Varsity Lacrosse  
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