Maggie and Abby

Maggie Downs is a first-year at DePauw University who happens to have her twin, Abby, also attending DePauw. It is no surprise that both Maggie and Abby are attending DePauw together, as they have encountered almost all their life experiences with each other. From co-valedictorians to volleyball players, Maggie and Abby have always been there for each other.

HerCampus: Thank you for taking time to talk to me! What is your favorite memory with your twin?

Maggie Downs: There is not one particular memory that is my favorite, but just being her best friend and doing everything together daily. I love that I am always with her and get to experience even the littlest things with her by my side.

HC: Did or do you guys ever dress the same or alike?

MD:  When we were little, to tell us apart our mom would dress us in the same outfits but different colors. Since we are mirror twins that means we are identical, making it hard to tell us apart sometimes. However, some of our physical features are on the opposite side, like we have opposite dominant hands.

HC: What song would you pick to describe your twin?

MD:  I would have to pick "True Friend" by Miley Cyrus because we will always be here for each other until the end. People say you can’t pick your siblings or, in my case, twin, but I did pick my best friend, and Abby is someone I could never live without.

HC: What is your favorite quality about your twin?

MD:  Abby’s kind heart and humbleness is my favorite quality of hers. She is the type of person to do anything for you and to help you in any situation, which is what I admire about her most.

HC: Have you ever experienced twin telepathy or felt each other’s pain?

MD:  We have not experienced twin telepathy or felt each other’s pain, but we do have a feeling when the other is in trouble or is uncomfortable. Again, as a mirror twin everything is opposite, so like we part our hair on opposite sides and when we were younger, we would lose the same tooth but on opposite sides. So that’s why we have more of an intuition rather than feeling each other’s pain directly.

HC: Do you have the same taste in music, food, movies, TV shows, etc., as your twin?

MD:  Yes, we tend to like all the same things from music to sports, like we both play volleyball and love the same foods.

HC: What was your favorite birthday and why?

MD:  There is not one specific birthday that I would say is my favorite; rather, every birthday is because we get to celebrate them all together, which is a really special occasion every time.

HC: Who was technically born first?

MD:  Technically, Abby is older because she was born first.

HC: Could you imagine life with her just as a younger/older sister and not as a twin?

MD:  No, I feel like we have a connection that we can’t explain, and it would be weird not to be a twin. I could never imagine not sharing all the amazing experiences that having Abby as a twin has given me in life.

HC: That is awesome! Thank you again so much for your time!