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There’s nothing more frustrating than getting 5-6 inches of snow, especially when you thought winter was over! Snow is so hard to maneuver/walk in…however, you don’t have to sport those ugly black snow boots anymore! L.L. Bean Boots have made a comeback so incredibly strong that everyone is either wearing them or wishing that they were! 

In the past, many people have thought that these boots are either for hunting or hiking, but not anymore! They are not only stylish, but, they will keep your feet nice and warm, and they will keep them dry from all the snow. However, don’t forget to put some fuzzy socks on first so they will make your feet extra, extra warm! They are so many different types of outfits that you can create with them.   


            If you are trying to keep it simple and comfortable, pair your L.L. Beans with a pair of leggings and a nice pullover or chambray shirt. If you are going for a cuter look, pair your boots with some jeans, a cute statement shirt and a vest. They are so versatile that you can create so many different looks with them!

You can just treat them just like Uggs. A nice sweater and a pair of jeans will suffice with these. You can even pair L.L. Beans with a cute skirt and top with a nice pair of tights!

            So come on! Get with the trend! Many people have raved about these shoes because of the benefits they offer. Though they can be a little expensive, they are totally worth it! 

Hey guys! My name is Nina Moore and I am currently a sophomore at DePauw! I am studying biology and Spanish. I love writing about fashion because, as cliche as it is, it really is one of my passions! Hope you guys like my articles!
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