Little Ways to Take Care of Yourself At School

Whether its college or high school, school is ROUGH. You get so swamped with work, meetings and classes that it’s hard to remember to take time for yourself. Even the little things make a BIG difference. Here are some easy and ~cheap~ ways to treat yourself at school!


  1. 1. Buy Yourself Some Flowers

    I don’t know about you, but flowers always make me smile! They are everywhere but so, so underrated. They have the ability to brighten your day instantly! I personally get the least expensive flowers or even succulents from Walmart. Remembering to take care of your plants helps to build a routine of taking care of yourself.

  2. 2. Go For a Walk

    My biggest piece of advice for college is to walk away when you’re stressed! I don’t mean walk away forever or avoid your work – just take a few mins and regroup. I often do this by taking a stroll around campus with some friends. Even alone, bring some headphones and have a jam session until your brain is ready to hit the books again!

  3. 3. Have A Night In

    There is no monetary value of alone time. It is SO precious and rare in college. Pop on a movie, make some popcorn, grab your blanket and a face mask and RELAX! It doesn’t even have to be the weekend, or the night for that matter. When your body tells you it needs some chill time, pls listen to her.

  4. 4. Color

    This may sound immature, but I strongly believe there are magical healing powers in coloring books. It may be the child-like tendencies that make me feel safe, or maybe its slowing down time and picking the perfect marker – whatever it is, it works. Mandalas are supposedly the best patterns for stress!

  5. 5. Breathe

    Take 30 seconds and take a deep breath. Deep breaths slow your heart and slow your mind. Guided meditations are also great when your mind is racing – here is one to try!