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This Little Piggy Went To The Market

 Some of my fondest childhood memories involve Saturday mornings bartering with the “Cookie Lady” and taste-testing tomatoes from various booths at my local Farmer’s Market. The importance of supporting local businesses was instilled upon me from an early age, and I now find a certain satisfaction when indulging in someone’s homegrown produce. For this reason, my discovery of Greencastle’s Farmer’s Market was a momentous occasion. On my way to The Square I stopped by The Blue Door Café to purchase a caramel cappuccino and continued on enjoying the crisp welcomed autumn air. While visiting the various booths at the outdoor market I was acquainted with vegetable experts and meat connoisseurs. 
When I left a mere 45 minutes later I had a bag full of tomatoes, sweet peppers, raspberries, apples, and an onion, all for less than seven dollars. It was incredible how fresh the vegetables were, and for so little money! The Saturday morning markets will continue until October 13th, so I recommend you stop by at some point before then!    

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