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Little Five Week Continues

The busy week of Little 5 continues! Earlier this week we spoke with DJ Justin Barnes about what to expect from the concert this weekend. Today, we are going to hear from the second performer, Jerald Parks

Her Campus: Hey Jerald! Thank you so much for interviewing with Her Campus! We want to know what we can expect from you on Friday! What will you be performing?

Jerald Parks:  I will be performing the songs off of my latest project, "The Prelude EP." It is a 20 minute EP that encapsulates the journey of the protagonist, "The Kid," who traverses the final stages before going off to college. It has a style of EDM and Trap embedded into it and elements of R&B/Soul. The project is an actual prelude to a project that is expected to drop in 2018 called Collegiate Confessions, which is a continuation of the story following The Kid in his collegiate years. The songs on this project, however, are energetic and bombastic, and it is a reflection of how we all felt after we got accepted to a university.

HC: What are you most excited for and why?

JP:I'm looking forward to performing in front of a huge audience. Quite frankly, that's why I'm nervous too. But, it's all apart of the experience, so I'm excited and nervous to share my creative work with the world and see how they take it. Of course, DePauw isn't the entire globe, but it will feel that way when April 28th comes around.

HC: Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

JP: While the songs do pertain to the pre-collegiate experience, these are songs that can be in any environment. Driving to work, at a party, studying, chilling in the background with your friends. The lyric content isn't "preachy," it's relatable. I want my audience to relate to the music, and have fun to it - because that's what the entire experience is supposed to be about. Also, check it out before the 28th and hit me up with your favorite tracks @jmic_thekid on Twitter and Instagram. I'm looking forward to seeing you all on Friday!

HC: Thank you so much Jerald! We can’t wait to see you up on stage Friday night!

And finally! Of course, the actually crit will begin on Saturday morning at 11 am! Go support your fellow students this week! They all have put a lot of work into preparing for the race!

I hate writing, but I love Her Campus DePauw!
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