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Linda Tribbett

Not many student get in touch with the Facilities Management staff here at DePauw. Some just do not have the time to get to know them or rarely ever see them. Well now it is your chance to get to know one distinguished Facilities Management Housekeeper, Linda Tribbett. Linda is originally from Crawfordsville, Indiana which is not too far from DePauw. For the past three year she has lived in Greencastle, Indiana and has been working at DePauw for three years as well.


HC: Hi, Linda. How are you doing today?

CC: I’m doing well, thank you.

HC: That’s good to hear! I know you have been working here for three years, so I have to ask you, have you encountered any strange things or anything out of the ordinary from the students here?

CC: Hmm strange things? The first thing that popped in my mind was a fire extinguisher. Someone set the fire extinguisher off over in Longden one night which was a little strange. We came in the next morning and we had to clean it right up.

HC: Oh, wow. That is strange, but also typical for a freshman dorm! I’m sorry you had to be the one to clean it up. Outside of DePauw, what do you enjoy doing?

CC: Well, I’m a new grandma, so I love spending time with my grandson, he’s two. My granddaughter lives in Alaska, so I do not get to see her. I also have a really strong church family, so they are kind of the people that I hang out with.



HC: That all sounds like fun! If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?

CC: Hopefully I would be generous with it, I would get out of debt, and I would probably go on a nice vacation.

HC: That is a very good idea. I would probably do the same. Pay off my student loans would be really great if I had that money! What is your #1 restaurant to go to and why?

CC: Let me think… I totally enjoy Starbucks just with friends. Here at work we go every Friday. I also like to go to Texas Road House in Avon, Indiana. I could get a nice steak that is not really expensive and you can throw peanuts on the floor if you want!

HC: Starbucks sounds good right now. Texas Road House sounds like a good places to have fun and grab a bite to eat. I should try it out one day! How does it feel being celebrity of the week for HerCampus at DePauw?

CC: Oh, I do not know. It feels pretty honoring I guess. I love being part of the campus and being around all the students , so this is just another part of being a part of DePauw.

HC: Awe, I am glad you feel that way. You are definitely part of our family here at DePauw. Being campus celebrity, who is your favorite celebrity?

CC: My favorite celebrity would be Tom Hanks. I love him in all of his films. I will watch anything that he is in. I enjoy going to the music events at the GCPA. I would rather see you guys perform or see things that the students have put together like the Christmas Gala. You guys are my favorite celebrities too.

HC: I enjoy watching Tom Hanks myself specifically in Forrest Gump. That is so nice of you though. I love how you come and support us at campus events. Well thank you so much for taking the time out for me to interview you. You really are amazing.

CC: Thank you for making me your campus celebrity, Alyssa!

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