The Life of a WGRE Station Manager: Shelby Schoen ‘21

Shelby Shoen is the station manager at WGRE 91.5 “The Radio Voice of DePauw University”. I was able to meet with her and talk about this 70 year old organization and her position in it. 


HerCampus: Thanks for meeting with me Shelby! I first off was wondering what exactly it is you do at WGRE?

Shelby: My title at WGRE is Station Manager. I oversee the different departments including news, sports, promotions, production and music— just making sure each department is on track. I also help with DJ recruitment, training DJs, leading the weekly meetings and if there are any problems with anything, I’m the person they call. 



HC: I’m interested in what training you have to do for new DJs?

Shelby: We go through a checklist on how to use the equipment as well as the rules of being in the booth or talking on air. If people are nervous on how to DJ, we show them how everything works and make them feel comfortable. Every DJ gets trained during their first shift by one of the directors.



HC: Since there is so much you do, I’m wondering what’s your favorite part of all of that?

Shelby: With WGRE being the largest student organization on campus, I get to work with such a diverse and fun group of people which I really love. It is great working with all of the directors and interacting with all of the DJs and faculty. I also like the freedom of being able to talk about anything during my DJ shifts and play fun music. 



HC: What kind of things would you talk about during a shift?

Shelby: I like to focus on talking about DePauw stories. Like funny stories from my freshman year, my favorite places to study on campus and favorite places to eat in Greencastle.



HC: Does WGRE cover any current issues on campus?

Shelby: Yeah, we like to try and cover any large event that takes place on campus. Our news team will sit in on different forums and meetings to keep our listeners updated on what's going on here on campus. We’ll also work with other organizations on campus if they ask us to promote their events, such as the Kelly Writers Series. Lastly, we’ll broadcast events like School of Music concerts and sporting events, like DePauw and Greencastle football games. 


HC: That sounds like a wide variety of things, so I was wondering about how people actually become a part of a specific department? Also who do you draw for WGRE and do you see a typical major there?

Shelby: To become a part of a department, there are applications at the end of each semester along with a cover letter and then a follow up interview if you are selected. Any student at any grade can apply. You don’t have to have a specific major. For us it’s more about interest and dedication to the station.


HC: Thank you for taking the time to talk to me and tell me all about WGRE! Good luck this year and I’ll make sure to tune in!