Life in Neverland: Fraternity formals in another kingdom

It’s fraternity spring formal season! (It’s better than prom, freshmen) This year is a bit different though--there are two weekends that the boys will be off to different cities with dates for unforgettable adventures. Whether it is your first off-campus formal, or you’re a veteran who is traveling to more than one (we’re jealous), check out these tips to make your weekend extra magical.

Make a killer playlist for the drive

Because even boys like Disney sing-alongs sometimes. (PS have you seen this adorable couple’s Frozen rendition?!)

Be low maintenance

It’s a big deal our guy friends got organized for this formal—no offense guys. Don’t go into the weekend expecting every moment to be filled and planned. They might not know all the details, and that’s okay! If they forget to tell you dinner is at 7 and it’s 6 when you get back from your day’s adventure, don’t freak out. There’s no need for your hair to be curled just right, instead just enjoy the night. If things don’t go exactly perfectly right, shake it off and don’t complain.

Channel your inner-Snow White living with a bunch of messy men, they were just happy to have her around!

Go with the flow

Take advice from the chill-est of turtles, Crush. Similar to the previous tip, it’s still important! This weekend is about making the best of the experience in a different city. Be up for anything, and be patient. Go to a museum, find a diner that’s open 24 hours, or stop at the Waffle House on your drive. The more you relax, the more fun you’ll have.

Bring an extra dress

Sleeping Beauty had two! See how you feel when you are getting ready, (unless your date is weird about matching) just like you would for your sorority formal. Except here, you don’t have your whole closet, or your sorority sisters’ either. It might also be a good idea just in case the zipper breaks or you stain it, so you don’t have to go to formal in your sweats.

Rely on your sisters

It's helpful to know who of your friends/ sorority sisters will also be at the same formal if you have problems with your date, feel uncomfortable, or just need some girl time in the bathroom to gossip. The weekend is about hanging out with a bunch of friends too. And, you need some quality sorority squat pictures!

Bring Advil for the morning and drive home

Because nothing is worse than a long drive and being hung over. I’d also suggest not making the trek back until you’re feeling a bit less nauseous—because that would certainly end the weekend on a sour note.

Don’t forget your shoes

OK, this is a personal one. I forgot my brand new ones in St. Louis sophomore year. But just make sure everything you came with gets back to DePauw-- including your date.