Life in Neverland: Finding magic in the job search

Seniors are certainly in panic mode as they search for something, anything, to do after graduation. Sorry for the reminder, ladies, but the “G” word is approaching, and we should probably have some idea of what we want to do in the next few months.

The same goes for underclassmen looking for internships or a worthwhile way to spend their summer. These jobs and opportunities won’t be just handed to you. No fairy godmothers here! But that shouldn’t stop you from seeking out your dream job. Who better to help us through this process than our favorite Disney characters?

Bonus: Motivational Disney songs for the application processes!

Dream Big

How long did Rapunzel have to wait to see the floating lights? She never gave up on the one big thing she always wanted. It took patience, but keep that goal in sight. And those ruffians and thugs? They have big dreams too! And if they can become concert pianists, mimes and find true love, surely you can reach that crazy dream too—like working for Disney ;)

Motivational song: I’ve Got a Dream

Work hard and diligently

Tiana from "The Princess and the Frog" taught us that you can dream big (she wanted to own her own restaurant in New Orleans), but you have to work for it! She worked double shifts at two restaurants while keeping up with her socialite bestie, Charlotte. She gets really tired, but she knows it will pay off. Take after this Princess (except for the kissing frogs thing) and be willing to put in effort not only to looking for a job but also in the position, no matter what it is!

Motivational Song: Almost There

“Bee” Yourself

Aladdin wished to be a prince because that’s the only way he thought he could be with Jasmine. And Jasmine was mad when she found out he was a street rat. But they still fell in love and lived happily after.

Amidst applications and interviews, it’s easy to think, “Well, what do they want to hear?” While you should certainly consider what the company considers a good candidate, answer all questions honestly. Being yourself will seem much more natural than giving your interviewer fake, perfectly calculated answers to questions meant to get to know you. Practice interviewing and know yourself. For instance, don’t say you’re open to a position in Los Angeles if you really would prefer the position being offered in Chicago. Yes, be flexible, but don’t lose yourself in the process for the sake of having a job you’ll hate.

Motivational Song: One Jump Ahead (Reprise)

Be Part of their World

Go to career fairs, shadow, and be OK with Internships.

This is more for the seniors, as underclassmen want just that! It may not be realistic to expect to and your ideal job and start right after graduation. Companies often look for interns they also see potential in to eventually hire. So while you may not get all the benefits of a full-time employee, you’ll get a foot in the door with the company. Treat this as a full-time job, and hopefully they’ll recognize your talent and hard work.

Motivational Song: Part of Your World

If you get rejected, Let it Go

“The prospect of graduating without a job never bothered me anyway”


Rejection will happen. Long waiting periods between interviews and acceptances are inevitable (Lesson learned: I am a VERY impatient person). It’s all a part of the process. So in the meantime, grab a pitcher at The Duck with your friends, dance around to the "Frozen" soundtrack, and apply for another job.

Come May, it may not be the ending you expected, but surely you WILL find your happy ending.

Motivational Song: Let it Go (duh)