Less is More

About two months ago, I decided to jump into minimalism—starting with my wardrobe. When it comes to clothing, I’m an impulse buyer and I hold on to things I no longer need. Most people only wear about 20% of their wardrobe, yet we still keep buying! It took me a while to realize that clothing does not appreciate in value and I was wasting my money on clothes that I outgrew or I would only wear once.

Before trying something it’s important to do research. Minimalism has a bad connotation to it—whenever someone spoke about minimalist fashion, I’d scrunch up my face. After doing my research and giving it a try, I learned that minimalism is more than just sacrifice. To me, minimalism is simply valuing yourself more than materialistic items. It doesn’t mean you can no longer buy nice clothes or that you have to buy cheap items. In fact, while practicing minimalism for the past two months I have bought a few clothing pieces that were pricey. But I needed them and the quality was great, so I knew my purchases were smart decisions. While I’m new to minimalist fashion, I do have some tips and advantages that have helped me on my journey so far:


Being able to get rid of clothes that you no longer need or wear is actually very freeing and allows for more space. As you begin to get rid of unnecessary clothing, you’ll realize how cluttered your closet space is—no one likes a lot of clutter. Look in your closet and make a pile of clothes you don’t like, clothes you don’t wear, clothes that don’t flatter you anymore and keep the clothes you need and love!

Mo' Money, No Problems

The money you spend buying clothes that will only be worn once or that you don’t really need can be spent on saving or paying off debt. No debt=financial freedom. Remember: clothes do not appreciate.

Quality > Quantity

Invest in high quality clothes. Often we buy clothing items just to have more options. It’s better to have five high quality shirts that flatter your body rather than a lot of shirts that do your body no justice and do not last long! With minimalist fashion, it helps to find brands that best fit your body type and personality. One of my go-to places to shop: Zara!

Outfit Formulas

Trousers, shirt, flats, and jacket. Gray romper, black sandals, silver statement arm cuff, and Tory Burch tote. An outfit formula can be as broad as the former or as detailed as the latter. This is something that most of us do subconsciously. With minimalism, visualize what you want your outfits to look like for daily or specific occasions.

The less focused I’ve been on materialistic items, the happier I’ve been. Getting rid of old items and not buying unnecessary items has allowed me to live more efficiently. Don’t get it twisted, minimalism does not mean you can’t still look good—minimalist fashion isn’t about rules, it’s a state of mind. Minimalist fashion looks different for everyone, and it’s allowed me to find my sense of style!