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A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Having a Beauty Routine

We all have a lazy side— the part of our conscience that tells us we can do that laundry tomorrow or can wait another day to start that assignment. I am especially lazy. I am always looking for the easiest way around things and finding the most efficient way to live life, which usually does involve putting off something until I have no other choice. One lazy life hack I have figured out pretty early on in life is that there’s always a way to do something in one step, especially when it comes to my beauty routine. I am always on the lookout for those one-step products and miracle workers when it comes to makeup, skincare and haircare. Luckily enough for me, I got to try some Garnier products through HerCampus and I have found the ULTIMATE lazy girl products. 





Micellar Foaming Gel Cleanser

This is the BEST face cleanser I have ever used. It is an all-in-one rinse off, so it takes off makeup from foundation to \ waterproof mascara all in one go (yes, it really does work that well). The product itself is just like any other face wash, but instead of having to take off your glittery eyeliner and thick mascara beforehand, it all comes off at once. I never have to worry about going to bed with mascara residue on my eyes (something I have done too many times) or wash my face after taking my makeup off because I get lazy. I also have ungodly sensitive skin, and I can use this without any sort of break out or rash happening, which is a miracle. I’ve never found a product that I can use once and be ready for bed. It’s a win for the lazy people. 

Miracle Nectar Repairing Leave-In Treatment

I really like this product for my hair. It’s light, it smells wonderful, and it helps my hair in ways I didn’t even know it needed help. After a shower of simply washing and conditioning my hair, I put a little bit of this in my hair and let it air dry and my hair looks beautiful. This leave-in treatment leaves my hair not only smelling and looking nice, but feeling a thousand times better. The ends of my hair have thanked this product over and over again because they have gone from dry and brittle to looking as though I just got a haircut. It’s the ultimate haircare product for the lazy person.

Shine+Hold Liquid Pomade

I did not personally get to test this out because I do not have hair that needs or uses pomade, but my brother gave me the low-down: it’s great. He has short hair that he styles each morning and he said that this liquid pomade is so great. He’ll slather a bit on his hair and in under a minute, his hair is styled and stuck in place for the day. He even went running with this in his hair and said that his hair looked the same after the run as it did before, which never happens for him. This is also a great product for people with curly hair, I would have to say, since it holds your hair really well.

Go out there, lazy ladies and gents, and feel beautiful while doing so!

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