Layered Necklaces

One of my very favorite and newest trends that has recently taken over casual and chic outfits is layered necklaces. Here are a few ways to choose your pairings for layering your necklaces!

Mix and Match Lengths

Thankfully, the choker has made a huge comeback recently, allowing for more versatile options when choosing to mix up the lengths of varied necklaces. A trifecta consisting of choker with a collarbone length and a mid length necklace seems to be the most popular option for casual outfits. However, a deep V-neck looks absolutely great paired with a collarbone length and long necklace.

Dainty and Chunky

Deciding what goes together is one of the most varying options for your necklaces. It sometimes seems like you’re picking out an outfit all over again, but after you find a go-to combination, you’ll love throwing it on and knowing it looks great. When starting out, try one statement necklace and maybe 2 dainty pieces, or even just three dainty pieces.


The greatest and easiest part of all, once you pick your metal you're free to add any accent colors you desire. Use this to give a pop of color to a neutral style or match a few to your outfit. The possibilities are endless.