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Reporting from DePauw University with an update on the final week of classes and exams, this special edition of Campus Cutie spotlights senior, Kelsey Strohmeyer. Her Campus: Kels! Thanks for taking the time to interview with us, I know the end of the semester is super hectic for everyone, especially for those putting the finishing touches on their senior seminar projects like yourself. Before we break down the meaning and the purpose of senior seminar, I wanted to give you some background on our cutie of the week! Kelsey is a senior from Mooresville, Indiana, a Communications Major, an enthused knitter, and has a pet cat named Misty May. 
HC: So tell our readers, specifically our underclassmen that may not be familiar with what senior seminar is.
CC: Senior seminar is like a capstone project that allows you to do extensive research into topics that surround your major. Sometimes it feels like death but lucky for me I have a great group of people in my class. My best advice for freshman is to not think about seminar until they have to take it. 
HC: That sounds about right to me! (Kels and I are in the same class) What is your senior seminar topic?
CC: My senior seminar project is on Princess Diana and the effect her image had on British society. 
HC: What made you choose to analyze Princess Diana and conspiracy series?
CC: I have always been fascinated with Lady Di since I was a little girl. Her activism in causes that were not well known was always very inspiring to me. She really broke the norm of how a member of the royal family is supposed to act and that takes courage, especially for how young she was. She was a great mother to her boys and she used her stardom to make positive changes in society. She genuinely cared about the people around her and typically put others first, even when she was dealing with unthinkable challenges like depression and an eating disorder. 
HC: I like how you used an idea that already inspired you to write your seminar on; take note of this underclassmen, you have to pick a topic you enjoy because you spend so much time on it! So what does senior seminar mean to you and do you see it as a fair way to evaluate the coursework of a designated major?
CC: I have gone round and round on how I feel about seminar this semester. All classes are different and some are more interesting than others. In my seminar we were 
restricted to writing within the lens of reception studies, outside of that our topics were very open to choose. I think there are pros and cons to how seminar is ran and it may not be for everyone though. 
HC: What are some study tips that you would offer the first year students who are gearing up to take their first round of academic finals?
CC: Get a study room or go into a big classroom with a group of friends. Although it can be distracting most of the time they are there when you need that 10 minute study break. They also can lend a hand when you are on the last page of your paper, delusional, and you know there are better ways to say what you are trying to say. Also, remember that this pain soon shall pass. 
HC: The best advice that I could give myself!! Where is your go-to study spot come this busy time of year?
CC: I am definitely a library kind of gal. You can find me either on the first floor of Roy or in the basement with some friends. 
HC: Add another one to the Roy O. list. So what is your favorite part about working at the Fluttering Duck?
CC: I really enjoy seeing everyone that comes in and being a bartender there always has interesting things to see. Also, I get to work with Ian, and what could be better than that? I always enjoy seeing the smile on people’s faces when I whip them up a good blow job shot, always a good way to end the night. I just like to make the people happy. 
HC: Well I love going to the duck and my friend Zac told me you are by far his favorite bartender. What is your favorite drink to make?
CC: Let’s be real, I’m more than his favorite bartender. I like to think I am your favorite bartender as well. I like to make all drinks but nothing better than making a tray of tequila shots – that always gets the party going. 
HC: Don’t worry; you are my favorite bar tender as well! (Ha ha) What is your drink of choice?
CC: Depends the night. I typically drink whiskey & gingers, margaritas, wine or beer. No vodka. Ever. 
HC: Based on your years of experience being a bartender, would you say a glass of wine is good therapy for someone needing a break from the stress of finals?
CC: I would definitely recommend a glass a wine as therapy from finals. I’m a firm believer in Ernest Hemmingway’s method, “write drunk, edit sober” that’s the best way of getting the creative juices flowing. 
HC: Well in the words of Ernest Hemmingway! What is on your Christmas list this year? 
CC: Being the broke college student that I am, I really just want the basics, alcohol, toilet paper, money, laundry detergent…. You get the picture. My whole family is going to be home for Christmas this year so that’s a good enough present for me! Nothing better than spending time with the fambam. 
HC: Sounds like you will be having a wonderful Christmas! What are your plans for Winter Term?
CC: I am not taking a winter term class or going on a trip since I have finished my winter term requirements. During winter term you will be able to find me still fulfilling people’s hunger and alcohol problems at the Fluttering Duck. I also plan to take a trip with some friends down to Nashville, Tennessee (one of my favorite places on earth). Also, I hope to spend some time with my amazing friends Marek and Madison, they are always a good time. My house will be missing Erin Mann a lot but she will be doing great things in Cleveland. 
HC: Looking forward to winter term Kels! Until next semester, DePauw. Thanks for filling us in about finals time and senior year Kelsey!
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