Keeping Your Space Organized

We’re back in homework season, and that means that at any given time, your desk might be overrun with books, papers, and multicolored writing utensils. If you can’t focus with a messy workspace, it can be difficult to get anything done, especially when you’re on a time crunch. Here’s how to keep your space clean and organized.

  1. 1. Have a Space For Your Textbooks

    Designating one area of your desk or shelves to a pile of books and notebooks can help you remember where everything is. Whether it’s that hefty Chem 120 textbook or the five books for your creative writing class, you’ll know where to reach when it’s time to read another chapter. (And it looks nice! Who doesn’t love an aesthetic stack of books?)

  2. 2. Keep Pens and Pencils in Their Own Place

    It doesn’t matter if it’s the top desk drawer or a store-bought organizer— having a place for all of your writing utensils will make it easier to find them and less likely for you to accidentally knock a pen off your desk during a study sesh. Personally, I keep my pens in a HerCampus cup I got at the activities fair my freshman year (HC reppin!), but pretty much any container will work.

  3. 3. Put Your Make Up Away After You Use It

    A lot of people I know keep their makeup on or near their desk, so this is especially important. Make a point to put away the mascara or foundation in the morning (or evening) so you don’t have to deal with the mess later. It can be a real pain coming home from classes or waking up after a night out and knowing that you already have something to clean. Make the products you use most super accessible, and keep the others a little more put away so you don’t have to wade through them every time you’re trying to get to your favorite eyeshadow.

  4. 4. Keep a Trash Can Close By

    If there’s anything I’ve learned from college, it’s that we can all be total slobs sometimes. If there’s not a trash can near your desk, all sorts of things will end up on the floor: broken hair ties, daily contact containers, tissues and plastic cups. Having a trash can and (this part is crucial) emptying it when necessary can make your room cleaner and even smell a little better!

  5. 5. Take Two Minutes to Tidy Up Each Night

    None of us are perfect, right? There are days when you may wake up late and leave your makeup all over your desk, or have all of your study materials out during exam week. It doesn’t have to be perfect— it just has to work for you. If you’re able to do work with some clutter, all the power to you! If you have to have a clean workspace, that’s okay too! Setting aside some extra time to make sure your workspace is working for you is the best little way to make sure you’re prepared to crush your classes and thrive this school year.