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Her Campus got the chance to sit down with Katie Berry during spring break and ask her some questions about being a senior.

Her Campus: Hey Katie! How was your spring break, and what did you do?

Katie Berry: It was really fun! I went down to Gulf Shores, Alabama with a few friends to hang out on the beach.

HC: Awesome! Lots of fun in the sun! What is your favorite thing about being a senior?

KB: I think that being a senior has made me realize how many amazing friendships and experiences I have had at DePauw. I definitely feel so much more appreciative of our little DePauw world now and have been able to focus on enjoying my last few months as much as possible! I guess being a senior just puts everything in perspective and makes things so fun.

HC: Well said! What are your plans after graduation?

KB: I’ll be starting medical school in a few months, but I haven’t decided where just yet.

HC: Are you excited or nervous?

KB: I’m really excited to start studying what I’m passionate about and exploring a new city, but I’m also really nervous. It’s scary to leave behind everyone you’ve grown so close to over the past four years!

HC: Well good luck! You’ll do great! What made you decide to go to DePauw?

KB: My dad actually went here back in the 70’s! I knew I wanted to go to a small liberal arts college, and DePauw ended up being a perfect fit.

HC: Well that must have been easy! What is the best advice you have received during your time at DePauw?

KB: During course advising I was always so set on making sure I got the exact right classes to finish premed and my two majors, but a professor reminded me how important it is to take the classes that you want, not just the ones you need. She told me that college is such a unique opportunity to learn about anything you want and you shouldn’t lose sight of that. That advice really helped me make the best out of my time here!

HC: What is some advice you would give to a freshman for their next few years?

KB: College is what you make it. A high school teacher actually told me that before I started DePauw, and it couldn’t be more true. Take as many opportunities as you can, join whatever activities you want and find your real passions, take risks. Your experience is entirely up to you.

HC: What has been your favorite class or professor you’ve had at DePauw?

KB:  I think my favorite science class has been immunology because it pertains so much to our actual lives and bodies, but I’ve also taken so many cool humanities classes. My freshman year I took an Honors Scholar class where we learned Chinese history and culture by roleplaying and rewriting history. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone and is definitely one of my most memorable courses.

HC: What is your favorite memory from being at DePauw?

KB: There are so many! I think one of the coolest was when I was in Ecuador with Timmy Global Health during winter term. We all went white water rafting down the Amazon River and it was one of the most fun and craziest things I’ve ever done.

HC: Thank you for all that advice! Any last comments?

KB: I just can’t believe that once spring break is over I’ll only have a few more weeks at DePauw! Things are going to start getting real, and I’m going to miss it like crazy.

HC: Thank you for sitting down with us and we hope you finish strong. We wish you good luck with your future after DePauw!  


I hate writing, but I love Her Campus DePauw!
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