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Kaelyn Campbell ’21

Kaelyn Campbell is a first-year at DePauw. She is currently involved in the Management Fellows Program. Kaelyn, like many others, is not a native to Florence. Her home is in Colorado, a bit far from Indiana. Here are some of her answers about going to school out of state and in a separate region of the US than where she came from.

Her Campus: What is it like going to school out of state?

KC: At first, going to school out of state was a little strange, not knowing anyone or anything about the state. Going home is now an all-day process, which I’ve never had to deal with before. 

HC: What is different to you between Indiana and Colorado?

KC: Indiana is very flat. In Colorado, you can be almost anywhere and be able to see the mountains. Indiana is also a lot more humid, which makes the heat feel twice as hot and the cold even worse.

HC: What is in Colorado that you cannot find in Indiana?

KC: The sunsets in Colorado are much better since it sets behinds the mountains. It’s a lot more picturesque. The restaurants in Colorado are also better; there is more of a variety.

HC: What is in Indiana that you cannot find in Colorado?

KC: A lot of the general people in Indiana are more personable; they are all very nice and give more of a homey feel. 

HC: How did you hear about DePauw, especially since it is far from home?

KC: My dad, uncle, and sister went here so I grew up knowing all about DePauw!

HC: Thank you so much for meeting today! It was a pleasure!

KC: Thank you Natalie!

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