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Josh Krutchik ’19

Josh Krutchik is a sophomore here at DePauw with an amazing idea that he put into action.

Her Campus: Hi Josh! Do you want to start off by telling us a little bit about yourself and what you’re involved in here on campus?

Josh Krutchik: Hey Kaitlyn! So I’m a sophomore Beta here at DePauw. I’m a communications major, and I’m from Los Angeles, California. I’m also a member of the golf team, and I’m involved with D3TV.

HC: I hear you have your own clothing company too! Where did you get the inspiration for that, and how did that get started?

JK: Yeah, last year me and a buddy here on campus had an idea for a clothing company we’d create at DePauw. We wanted to do it for fun, and right at the beginning of our freshmen year we started Laguna Shores, which was kind of a nod to my home in California and his on Lake Michigan in Chicago.

HC: That’s so creative! Where can we get some of your apparel?

JK: We have everything on our website, lagunashoresclothing.com

HC: I’ll have to check that out then! Do you see yourself continuing with the company in the future?

JK: We’re really just having a lot of fun with it, and coming up with cool ideas for special events here at DePauw is a blast, so I’m sure we’ll keep making some things over the next few years.

HC: Is there anything else we should know? Any sneak peeks??

JK: Keep your eyes peeled for a Monon shirt this year, which should be coming out in early November!

HC: That’s so exciting!  Thanks again for meeting with us!

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