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Jooyoung Park ’11

Born in Korea, raised in Kenya, speaks English, Korean, Swahili, and Spanish (un poco)… what more could a girl ask for? If you’re looking for a smart guy who is guaranteed to make you laugh, make sure you snag this one before he goes off to graduate school!
Year: Senior
Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Machakos, Kenya / Seoul, Korea
Nickname: JP, J-Pizzle
Campus activities: Holding down the fort at 105 Hanna St, DGHI (DePauw Global Health Initiative), Senior Friend Coordinator, Housing Assistant
Hobbies: Eating ramen

House: Sigma Chi
Favorite place to study: 3rd floor of Julian or the Reflection Center at Prindle
Most attractive thing you find in a girl: eyes, smile, intelligence
Favorites (movies, colors, foods, bands, books… etc):
Movies: Any movie with Owen Wilson in it is generally pretty hilarious
Color: green
Foods: Korean, Italian, Mexican
Music: Eminem, Usher, Black Eyed Peas
Books: classics
Dream job: Would love to be on MTV's K-Town (Google it)...but seriously, I'm hoping to become a professor.
Favorite quote: "...seek, and ye shall find..."
Proudest DePauw moment: The first time I ran long enough that the treadmill automatically went to cool-down
Most embarrassing DePauw moment: Kappa Fall Formal 2008


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