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It’s All Greek To Me!

It’s All Greek to Me

Recently, it seems like everything’s been heating up: the weather, this season of One Tree Hill (OMG), and most importantly…GREEK PRIDE! With all this talk about bigs and littles, initiation, and flower-ins, it seems like girls have been making an effort to rep their respective houses more than usual! We’ve seen shirts, cardigans, hats, pins, fanny packs, and much, much more, all being worn in creative and cute ways. Check below for some ideas on how to show your spirit!

So join the fun and grab your fave lettered gear! Hey, it gives you an excuse to wear a comfy t-shirt all day, right? And a way to represent that Greek pride that is such a wonderful part of DePauw’s campus.

Suzanne Spencer ('14) crafts her own Alpha Phi gear. With plain colored sweatshirts, pretty fabric, and an old-fashioned needle and thread, she puts a creative and personal twist on Greek pride!

Kristen Heupenbecker ('15) shows her Theta spirit with a colorful array of pins.

Freshman Melanie Studnicka ('15) quenches her thirst with a cute AXO water bottle.

This adorable Kappa-themed owl necklace adds some sorority spice to freshman Lauren Schultz's outfit!

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